Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do one thing..or two...or three

We are what we do....
this paradigm is very interesting to me.

Here is the website

simple steps to making each day a little more personal, a little happier, smarter, and more sound ecologically.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Circle Cutter Users! Win this! Free blades!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sock it to Me Rock: Ann's room

Oh we have another brave soul named Ann who is courageous enough to ask for scrapbook area advice!! Thanks for sending your photos in Ann!

Here is what I see.

I love all the wire basketry and cubboard to the left. I would just say clear the clutter from all areas and label those baskets. Some things don't look like they belong- are those pompoms? If it belongs in another part of the house, take it away. You need these white open cabinets to be functional and clean looking because they are OPEN to the eye. If they are too crowded, our eyes notice! Also consider raising the bulletin board up about a foot and center it on that wall so it is truly inspirational and VISIBLE.

I love the artwork and your desk seems fairly clear. Great job.

This antique cover for the Cricut you have hiding underneath it is genius! Love antiques put to new uses in our studios!

This shot shows the Cricut uncovered on the same desk. Empty that trash :) And clear more clutter off the right side of the desk. You have a lot of stuff over there just stashed. Or move the photos up onto the wall so the tabletop is less cluttered.

Above: Your scrap drawer looks good. Sorting by color is great for finding what you want fast!

You mentioned having stamps in more than one drawer and place. Why not find a bigger drawer or different spot where they can all be together? I noticed this in a different photo also that you had the same problem with your adhesives being in two or three spots. Keep them together for simple 'put away'.

The top of the far right hand drawer unit has a couple photos on it and I would place those on the wall for better viewing and then move that green tote with tools over to the top of the drawer unit. This would leave you even more space on the desk unless these tools are used daily.

Above: I see fibers all messy hiding in the back here! Huuuhhhuummm! :) Figure out a system that shows them of and is still easy for retrieval. The back bottom of a bottom drawer is not the prettiest place in the studio to keep such a lovely supply!

Page kits look great but I see more adhesives (glue dots?) or inks tucked here and there.

This is the ahdesive drawer. Round 'em up!

More stamps. more glue (mod podge) Remember to catagorize and store by catagory when possible.

Love love love the undercabinet lighting. Bravo!

I might have to renig on that last BRAVO if the inside of all your cabinets look like this. LOL Un-tilt those books, place the lovely photo boxes and the pretty green "S" box where we can see them. ALways place nice containers out and stow less desirable looking plastics out of sight when possible. Your pretty items can go out on the cubboards seen in pic 1 and make sure the clutter is not just hiding....Make sure everything inside the cabinets is worth saving. Are you stashing stuff in here to sort later? Make sure the insides of cubbies look good too.

Overall you have a great space. Just clear it up and tweek it so the cute stuff shows and the clutter is gone. :)
Hope this helps!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Help Devils Marbles Australia! VOTE here!

In the spirit of preserving memories--of all peoples, vote! Here is a great --and fun--way to help the indiginious peoples in northern australia preserve their histories! Read on for the letter I just got on this topic from a Scrappers Challenge member in Australia!! Let's go girls! VOTE below!


Dear Rockester
I am emailing this request to you, but will understand, no drama, if you reject it! I figure if you don't ask, you never receive!! :)
I don't know if you remember me, but I posted some time ago on the group regarding taking photos of everyday family moments when you get the chance, as I luckily did in the last week before my Mum (who lives 3000 km away) passed away unexpectedly, on the very night we had flown home from visiting her. I was thrilled that you took the time to reply, given the large amount of traffic on the group! (Please don't take that as any sort of emotional blackmail to answer yes to my request by the way, just reminding you of who I am!!!) :)

Anyway, I live in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia, in the desert Outback, in a remote small town called Tennant Creek. We are situated right in the heart of the NT, in an area known as the Barkly Region. Our nearest town is Alice Springs, 500km south of us! Now to explain my request.

In the spirit of healthy competition, I make the following request: VOTE FOR THE NORTHERN TERRITORY:"Devils Marbles"
If you visit the site http://www.monopoly.com.au/ you will see that this is the famous Monopoly boardgame, but the company is developing an Aussie version.
The monopoly site offers the chance to promote your favourite location by having it placed on the new Aussie Monopoly board. I am emailing everyone that I know to ask them to vote for my local attraction here in the Northern Territory, a sacred Aboriginal site known as Devils Marbles. If you could ask the Scrappers Challenge group asking that as many people as possible click daily on the vote link for Devils Marbles in the NT to increase the chance of our attraction making it onto the Monopoly board.

The Northern Territory is a large place, but with a relatively small population. My town has only 3000 people, 50% of which are Aboriginal and many don't have computers. Our chances of rounding up enough local votes (although I have emailed every address in the region that I could find!!) to compete with say Darwin, as the capital city of the NT, is minimal! The online competition does not require your personal details, it just recognises from the computer address that you have voted. Voting continues daily until the 10th of February.
The healthy competition part is that Uluru (Ayers Rock) is the famous Indigenous location of the NT, but our sacred site is just as important to the local Warumungu people. It would be fantastic if the 'little guys' had a win for once!! It would mean a great deal to my small town to win a place on this Monopoly Board, and bring some much-needed fame and attention to a lesser-known location!

This, in turn, would grow interest in the smaller loactions of the Outback, and increase the number of visitors to this region, which would in turn grow the local economy. I know that it is only a boardgame, but to be featured on the official Aussie Monopoly board would provide promotion of our local region on a scale that money cannot buy!!
I am well-versed in this very subject, as I am the General Manager of Tourism for this region. We work hard to promote our attractions, but ultimately we find it very difficult to compete with the big guns of tourism in the Northern Territory, the likes of Uluru, Kakadu and Katherine Gorge, all of which also appear on this competition. Our local Warumungu people have been working hard recently with anthropologists to record the Dreaming stories of Devils Marbles, to preserve the traditional stories and customs associated with this sacred place.

My region has many full-blood Aboriginal people still living here, with strong traditional ties to their homelands. Given that they are the oldest living culture on earth, it is vitally important to preserve these sacred sites and traditions. The recent studies of their customs and traditions has also served to record which areas of the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is available for public access, and which areas are culturally fragile and need preserving for the future. Increasing visitation to this site would offer economic enterprises to the traditional owners, the Aboriginal people, and their future generations, provided that the site is protected from over-use in the most sensitive areas. The work they have done recently has recorded and preserved important knowledge before the current elders pass away and take the knowledge with them.

They are taking the appropriate steps to ensure such preservations exists. Now it is important to them that development of appropriate tourism enterprises within this site offers an economically sustainable future for their grandchildren. I am not Aboriginal myself, but am native born of Australia, of Irish descent. I understand a fraction of the intense connection they feel to their land, from my visits to the counties of my ancestors in Ireland and grasping just how 'connected' I felt there. Just imagine how incredible it must be to have a knowledge of and a belonging to a place that goes back more than 40,000 years!

Thank you Rock for your consideration of this request, and for reading my long email. I truly know that it is out-of-the-box ... but I felt it was important enough to ask. I look forward to your reply. Sorry to have gotten so long-winded about it, but I am naturally a verbose person (which shows in the journalling in my albums!!) and feel very strongly about the future of these very traditional people!

Take care,
Kate Foran
(General Manager, Barkly Tourism)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sock it to Me Rock (D---------)'s room

Thanks (D------) for sending me your photos! We have 4 or 5 photos here so let's take a peek...

First we are getting lost in an "I can’t see the forest for the trees" kind of scenario here. On the surface it all looks pretty tidy until we do the close ups. You have a nice bookcase. You have some nice albums, tool storage and artwork. But you can’t SEE any of it to appreciate it. You are the victim of a a slow crawling clutter eeking toward you...let's take care of that!

  1. Address the safety issue first. Heavy items and 12x12 albums to the BOTTOM of the bookcase please. Light items on top. Heavy on bottom for stability.
  2. You look like you have adjustable shelving on this bookcase so let’s make this not only safer, but more pleasing to the eye. Place the smaller albums up toward the middle or top shelves. Intersperse the decorative plate, spiral photo pot, and small albums or tool caddies on a second or third shelf for a varied look. Right now it all looks like straight-row-i-tis. No visual variation.
  3. Save most of the arm-height shelves for the tools. Your scissor case, xyron, stamps, and immediate page kits or plastic project box should be at this height for easy reach. Your back and shoulders will thank you.
  4. I love RL Stine, paperback novels, psychology, Taz, law books, and Marilu Henner too. But all the books you are done reading need to go bybye. This area is a working area not a storage area. And books you want to read next should have their own basket perhaps on the shelf only if you have room or by a comfortable chair. Weed those out a bit. DONATE if you can. I think the basket with the burgundy lining is going to be the new home of the books you want to read!
  5. <>
  6. I am not sure what the green checkered thing is behind the bookcase (looks like a page protector and paper) but unless it is a rotary cutting mat, it needs a new home.
  7. Re-adjust the shelves to fit the height of the albums/books if possible. Once you have the bigger books on the bottom you can shorten the upper shelveing heights.You have a lot of albums and papers and so on sideways including the mulberry handmade paper roll. These need to stand up. The paper could go on top of the shelves BEHIND the photos or better yet rolled up in a large pretty vase-- upright if it will fit.
  8. Clear off that top of the cabinet area. I am not sure why you are hiding all those family photos with electronic cords, old candles, flower pots, disney ears, saran wrap on a plate, and what looks like a coffee grinder or pencil sharpener.
  9. If the plate is decorative, get a tripod holder and DISPLAY it. Use that space on top of the cabinet for ONE thing--family photos. Don't hide the loved ones inadvertantly with clutter. Their smiles can inspire you better than gold mickey ears and an old candle can anyway! :) Clustering like items makes it a valued collection not an afterthought.
  10. Loose photos and accents are only going to get lost or damaged sitting on top of other items in the open like this. Frame photos and make them a focal point. Be careful of clutter in your memorablia. And the nail polish book needs to go in the bathroom closet or in your dressing table. ;) Flashlights, tupperware, and christmas gifts need to go to their own homes.
  11. Your drawers are awesome and colorful. Now weed through them one more time and label them.
  12. I see a really big plastic tub at the lower right of the bookcase. Presuming this is paper storage --or if not it maybe should be-- instead of the albums. Verticle storage in file folders can be great if it is accessable and protected with the lid. You can make your own folders too. It won't curl the paper much at all if you have as much as it looks like you do. Keep it packed in snugly--not tightly and folders might work better for you than albums and page protectors? You mentioned the albums were hard to leaf through and get papers out. Don't put anything on top of the paper tub and lid. You want to be able to swing it out, grab paper from a file and swing it back in. The more things you have to move to do this the harder it is to put things away and the messier you will be.
  13. Your cardtable and chair look functional. Consider upgrading to a rolling swivel chair soon since most of your tools and supplies are behind you and you have to either turn around or get up to get them.
I think you have the right idea and some good basic furnishings here. It looks like the space should fit your needs if you get rid of just a few items that could be changed out. You just need to tweek the space back to what you intended it to be.....banish the creeping clutter.
Good luck!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sock it to me Rock! A----s room

One of our dear Challengers (A----) was brave enough to take my offer up! She sent me a pic of her space and asked for a no -holds-barred review o what she needs to do next....

Here is some advice from me (Rock) about how she can improve her space.

My ideas for your space include:
1. Getting rid of the brown cardboard boxes. You must be able to find some hampers or picnic baskets or cuter tubs that those boxes even i the items in the boxes have to stay. It looks like the boxes say "Books" so if this is leftover from a move, FINISH SORTING and purge if needed.

2. Go up that angled wall. Either use it for inspiration like hanging a french bulletin board (you will have to secure all 4 corners because of the angle. And the french boards have ribbons that you can tuck papers and ideas and even photos into or small tools so they won't hit you in thehead or fall down. French boards look like this. (first one is on a door)
or http://tinyurl.com/sufxb

3. I think I see a door on the far right-and a wall behind the door-- and maybe another small door or wall behind the blue tub/box? Those vertical spaces are not being used. Get an over the door shoe bag hanger and plop tools into each pocket.

4. If you do indeed have more wall space on the area behind the blue tub get another iris cart set and get all that clutter off the floor and desktops.

5. Fill pink tool bags and aqua totes with tools and whatever goes in the tote. No bag or bin should be vacant in this room! You have enough stuff to sort it and use it, so do it!

6. Hang a poster or artwork or do the french board for inspiration. This room is very white at the moment. :)

7. Be sure that with this many iris carts and drawer bins that you REALLY have the things you use most the closest to you at the desk within reach. Put stuff you rarely/never need furthest away.

8. I think many of the items in the drawers and on top of the desk are rubber stamps? If so purge some-maybe one in ten -and start using them more often so that you feel you have gotten the money worth out of them.

9. Get a liner for that trash can. It makes dumping it easier which makes filling it more fun!

10. If you can trade that chair out for one with a cushon and wheels, do it. Your back and legs will thank you.

How did we do? Hope it helps!!!!

Are you brave enough to do this challenge? Send me a pic o your messy space to me at Rockester@magnaspeed.net and I will review it for you step by step with suggestions. No hard feelings--just plain advice and organization help! :)
best wishes,

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Wishing a happy 50th to my inlaws. They are a terrific couple and have raised this crazy bunch with love. May they have decades more time to show us how their love continues to grow.... :)
Me and mine are at the far left.