Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sock it to me Rock! A----s room

One of our dear Challengers (A----) was brave enough to take my offer up! She sent me a pic of her space and asked for a no -holds-barred review o what she needs to do next....

Here is some advice from me (Rock) about how she can improve her space.

My ideas for your space include:
1. Getting rid of the brown cardboard boxes. You must be able to find some hampers or picnic baskets or cuter tubs that those boxes even i the items in the boxes have to stay. It looks like the boxes say "Books" so if this is leftover from a move, FINISH SORTING and purge if needed.

2. Go up that angled wall. Either use it for inspiration like hanging a french bulletin board (you will have to secure all 4 corners because of the angle. And the french boards have ribbons that you can tuck papers and ideas and even photos into or small tools so they won't hit you in thehead or fall down. French boards look like this. (first one is on a door)

3. I think I see a door on the far right-and a wall behind the door-- and maybe another small door or wall behind the blue tub/box? Those vertical spaces are not being used. Get an over the door shoe bag hanger and plop tools into each pocket.

4. If you do indeed have more wall space on the area behind the blue tub get another iris cart set and get all that clutter off the floor and desktops.

5. Fill pink tool bags and aqua totes with tools and whatever goes in the tote. No bag or bin should be vacant in this room! You have enough stuff to sort it and use it, so do it!

6. Hang a poster or artwork or do the french board for inspiration. This room is very white at the moment. :)

7. Be sure that with this many iris carts and drawer bins that you REALLY have the things you use most the closest to you at the desk within reach. Put stuff you rarely/never need furthest away.

8. I think many of the items in the drawers and on top of the desk are rubber stamps? If so purge some-maybe one in ten -and start using them more often so that you feel you have gotten the money worth out of them.

9. Get a liner for that trash can. It makes dumping it easier which makes filling it more fun!

10. If you can trade that chair out for one with a cushon and wheels, do it. Your back and legs will thank you.

How did we do? Hope it helps!!!!

Are you brave enough to do this challenge? Send me a pic o your messy space to me at and I will review it for you step by step with suggestions. No hard feelings--just plain advice and organization help! :)
best wishes,


kimB said...

WOW! I'll be taking/sending my craft area pics to you tomorrow (Sunday), Rockester :)! I already have ideas for what I want to do with my space, but would love to hear your input as well. I'd send you the pics right now, but it's almost 2:00 a.m. my time and I need to get to bed...

See you tomorrow :)!

Hugs from Alaska - kimB

ps: great observation skills you possess, there -- I had to keep flipping back to the photo to see everything you were referring to!

Sara L said...

I totally agree with Rock on the shoe bag over the door idea. I first heard about using it for photos that you were working on (sorting groups of photos in the pockets) but I have been using mine for tools, and it is a great way to keep tools where they won't be forgotten in a drawer :) I wish I had a place for another one!!!