Saturday, August 11, 2007

Purple cards from Purple Prom Scraps

I promised a while back to post some of the cards I made from the Sr prom book scraps. Here you go....first a look at some of the prom pages in her album. Remember the blog entry here?

Well here are the same pics in her album. There aer about 36 pages in this dance album so only a small amount are represented here. I thought sharing every page would be overkill. :) The 'Silly Us' pages are side by side in the album but I didn't resize them like that here.

And here are the resulting assorted greeting cards in lavendars and purples from the mishmash of scraps and accents I had left over. I made 26 cards in about 2 hours all for 'free' from my leftovers. I then put them in packs of 4 cards and tied purple fibers around them for little sets or gifts. I kind of turned the bows to the side so you could see the cards better here. I just didn't want to take them all apart and put them back together again. :)


Nancy M in NJ said...

WOW... how beautiful, Rock! {Both album and cards} and what a great idea...

Erin - Vancouver WA said...

Rock, I know that you practice what you preach about using your stash. I recognized some purple paper that I have and actually used up for one of my layouts. Thanks for sharing these layouts and cards, you're always reminding us of what we can accomplish.