Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Great Paper Purge 2008: Storage Evaluation

Basics: Sorting Paper: Storage Style Evaluation

You have pulled all your paper into one place. You have probably sorted it in some basic way to put it away. That storage you have may --or may not-- be working for you. Let's take a closer look. Your ideal storage system should tie into not only how MUCH stash you have-- but how you work. Let's deal with storage STYLE first.

If you don't have a paper sorting system that works well for you, ask yourself these questions below.


How do you Work? What's your storage STYLE?
a. by Theme.
Most of you who work on small children's events and the resulting photos will have papers in themes by event. Halloween, Holidays, Birthday, School, etc. Is this how you work the majority of the time?

b. by Color.
Do you first pick a color out of a photo and go to find papers and accents in a monochromatic or duo color sceme? Do you like to match exact shades of papers when creating a layout? Do your friends say you are the pickiest one on color at the whole crop? These are all clues that you should sort by color.

c. by Manufacturer.
Do you work for a specific paper vendor? Do you enter a lot of design team competitions, scrapbooking contests, or even teach locally? Perhaps you should store your paper items and their coordinating accents specifically by brand. People who are independant company consultants should also store their paper stash by manufacturer and keep their personal stash away from their consultant business sales stash.

d. Combination Themes/Colors
You may find that you need a combination style. Many pattern papers are stripes, plaids, paisleys, florals, and checkered. I consider these ALL neutral and they can really go on almost any kind of page. They are not themey papers like say, birthday cake, farm animals, teeth, fireworks, or halloween pumpkins would be. Personally, I store my themed papers together in file folder system in a file cabinet by theme. Everything else that is 'generic' paper --from cardstock to stripes to paisleys to vellum-- is neutral and is stored together with it's main color family on wire grid rack shelves. This has really worked well for me the last three years.

Evaluate your style. Which method of sotrage will work best for how YOU think and scrapbook?
Keep that in mind when sorting your papers out and evaluationg storage containers.

We will be evaluating storage containers and methods next so stay tuned!!

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Kelly said...

Nice post but I did not see the type for :Spur of the moment type: I am one of those and until my room is done I guess it will be that way. It does not stop me from doing the little challenages, but it does stop me from doing big projects, I often only have 5 minutes here and 5 minuters there and scrap on the run. I still scrap.

I trully enjoy scrapping