Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wedding Album: Making Page Kits

Start making some Wedding Album page kits!

Use your 12 x 12 three-ring album to actually hold the page kits that you are organizing for this album in chronological wedding order. Here is how I did it. Print out that list I gave you previously of all 30 wedding layout topics. Print them onto a sheet or two of paper. Cut them up into individual slips that you can tuck one by one into the empty page protectors in chrono order. Tuck the strips into the protectors now.

Truthfully, I START making a page kit with my accents. I afterward pick my papers that match the accent. This is in reverse order of how many people do things. I choose my accents first because they are more spendy --and much more color-specific to match to than my (cheaper) thousand sheets of paper in hundreds of shades of color. For any page kit, start with your accents, add fiber or ribbon if you like, then add matching papers, feel free to make the kits, and finally add photos when printed.

A single title page is usually the first thing in any album. I placed a slip in that protector with a "Title Page" wording in there and any accents I want to use to showcase the couple in a 5x7 photo, their names, and the date of the wedding. I tuck it all into the first title page 12x12 protector in the album and move on to my second topic--the engagement. I keep making page kits --accents first! On and on I go throughout to the end of my wedding timeline which is The Honeymoon. Place everything for a certain page layout set into a protector to keep it coraled together during the longer album-making process.

I was pulling accents from about two grocery sacks worth of lovey-dovey, Valentine, wedding and nature embellishments. I placed each chosen accent into the protectors for that specific event. I then added blue, brown, white and green solid and pattern papers to match the theme of the event and the color scheme of that accent. I made up 30 two-page layout sets in about 4 or 5 hours. It got to be very fast and easy to sort in this way the more that I did it. I also tuck in 4 to 5 sheets of paper for each 2 page layout to finish off that kit. I do 4 or 5 sheets so I have several patterns for each set and lots to choose from for matting or accenting. Be sure to check your scrap stash too for appropriate cardstock matting colors.

Tuck it all into the actual page protectors and you will be ready to transport and to work on your album!

Next: One page at a time...

Wedding Album: Sketches Please!

I love page maps and layout sketches and any kind of helpful page plan. For a big project like a wedding album, I want to save myself time at each stage that I can. For this kind of large album (60 planned pages!) I grab my Becky Higgins Sketches book

as well as my Becky Fleck Page Maps book.

Then I head to the internet and print out about a dozen sheets of page sketches my favorite sites. I keep them all togehter with the layout sketch books mentioned above just so I can grab them and decide at a moments notice what to creat as a backdrop.

I should mention here again that I have NO photos really yet for this project. For that reason I should say I am really planning and making BACKGROUND pages so far. Not fully done pages--yet. I will make everything in my sketch plan and glue it all down from paper layers to accent pieces--EXCEPT for the final focal mats (white mats in this project) and photos. It's just like assembling a whole page kit from a scrapbook or convention class and then taking it home to later add your photos to the top of it all. I work like this all the time and I love the assembling and the layering I can do ahead of time.

Favorite Sketch sites.
I printed out the April, May, and June Page Maps from Becky Fleck here:

I also grabbed a few from Leisa at Page Plans:

and a couple from Scrapbooks. Etc magazine too.

I try not to print off more than a dozen or 15 sheets at a time so I don't overwhelm myself with choices. I try to keep in mind that I can always go back and get more later after I work through most of these. Now I am ready to put page topics and page sketches and my supplies all into action together!

Next: It's time to make page kits for all those 30 wedding page topics!

Wedding Album: Planning the Layout Sets

Page Sets:
I work with a plan. That means I want to have the timeline of the wedding in my head when I plan my pages and make my kits. We have not taken photos yet but I have a rough idea of how the wedding will go in chronological fashion. I write down all my main page layout topics on a sheet of scratch paper from engagement day to honeymoon departure. Here is my listing of two page layouts that I plan to do for the wedding albums. Looks like 30 or so page topic sets. Feel free to use this list (add or delete topics as needed) when planning your own wedding album! If I do 30 two-page sets it will be a 60 page album which is another reason I choose Binder style 3 ring albums from Making Memories. :)


Engagement Day

Engagement –formal photo shoot

The Rings-

Dress shopping -candids

Bridal shower

Batchelor party

Batchelorette Party

Rehearsal at venue

Rehearsal Dinner and Groom's Cake

The Dress- professional shots

Girls getting ready

Bridesmaids group

Groomsman group

Flower girl and Ring girl




Grandparents Aho

Venue: gardens and fountain w couple

Reception line

Ceremony- Getting married

Musicians, Pastor, Flowers, Ushers, Helpers

Reception venue with couple- Celebrate!

Table decor and head table and candles

Cutting the Cake


Dance with Groom

Dance with Dad

Garter Toss

Honeymoon (Greece)

Our New Home

Planning a Wedding Album :)

Wedding Albums! Let's talk!
We are so excited our daughter got engaged this spring (on May Day!) We couldn't be more happy with her choice. He is a great guy. Hurray!!! Love it.

So now the fun begins for a scrapping mom! ....Wedding albums! One of my favorite things to create! We are going to need three of them: one for my hubby and I, one for my daughter and her (next year) hubby, and one for his parents. So I am off and planning a fantastic wedding album-- in triplicate! YES TRIPLICATE! I did my son's four years ago in duplicate--one for him and his lovely bride and one for my hubby and I to keep. But this time I am going triplicate so the in-laws have one if they want it too.

Goal #1 Create a beautiful, memorable, and personal gift
Goal # 2 Use what I have in my stockpiles
Goal # 3 Knock their socks off design wise without breaking my bank. After all we do have to pay for the REST of the event, right? ;)

Its a woodland theme with earth-related colors so am using all my paper stash up in the three main color schemes of brown, green and blue. I am very excited about whittling down my stash significantly with this project!
I also plan to use any wedding and love themed accent items I still have in my stash of doodads-- and make other things with my Cricut. Love metal and ribbon so those will also play a big accent role. Again trying to look at my stash first. I went through my accent stash last week and I have about two grocery sacks set aside in the right themes and colors.
These will be my standard Duck Brand Easy Stick red tape runners and my Glue Dots for heavier items..
I purchased three identical at our local store on the "buy 2 get one free" special. I chose Making Memories 12x12 brown leather like below. All three are the same. Aprox $60 for total of three albums.

Next stop: Planning the album layout sets. ...See next post.