Friday, October 15, 2010

Magazine sorting Challenge!


I issued a challenge this afternoon over on ScrappersChallenge on Yahoo Groups for members. I wanted them to join me as I sorted and ripped articles from my 20 some magazines and kept only the best pages, ideas, or articles. these magazines ranged from way back in 2000 and 2002 all the way up to Jan/Feb 2010 issues!! Did you do the challenge with me? You still can!

Here above is the BEFORE stack I had of mostly home and craft magazines. 21 in all---all before spread out on the table. The stack if stacked upright was about 12 inches tall but it never stayed upright for the photo as magazines are so slippery!

And here is the AFTER. I included a shot of the ruler in here so you can see that the space saved is amazing. The saved pages, articles, sketches and tips all amounted to about 2 or 3 in each magazine. I ended up with only 1/2 an inch of saved articles!!! Yippeee! So much easier on my mind to find what I want now!

I only kept those I thought would REALLY get used or be informative (ie the Letterpress article on top) or inspiring (a treasure of a Tim Holtz article in an old Stampington magazine) or useful (patterns and sketches). Did you know I love Tim Holtz techniques? And did you know he used to work at a Ben Franklin? And, before that, in a restaurant in Prescott Arizona? ...but I digress....

Here is the AFTER pic! Amazing huh?

Half an inch!!!! That's right! Hurray for streamlining!

Now I challenge you to do the same. Can you clear out five or ten or even 20 magazines too?



Raven said...


I did this too over a week in the summer. I sorted and got rid of 120 magazines from the last 6 years or so! I have an entire bookshelf to show for my efforts. I ended up with a nice, neat three inch three ring binder. So much easier to manage!

Rockester said...

and so much easier to look through when you need an idea Raven! Good job!

Martha said...

I am still working on it, I wished I had taken a before pic of my large bookcase with 2 shelves with alot of space between the 2 shelves. I am going to take over the guest bedroom and make it into guest/scrapbook room so, some time is being spent in cleaning out the stuff that was dump into that room, painting the ceiling and walls, tearing up the rug, place "wood" flooring down and move in my new desk and cabinets. The pages rip out, I think will go into folders sketches, great color combo, wedding, Christmas, babies,technique,etc. this is subject to change.

Just Me said...

Last year I gave away five year's worth of paper crafting magazines (complete sets).I have many more. For some reason I cannot tear out pages from them. Please tell me that it really is ok to deface magazines.
I have cut my subscriptions from five to two. Does that count?
I pledge that my bookshelves will contain fifty less magazines by the end of 2010.

MistyGirl said...

OMGosh! I just love your blog! We must be sisters! Someone cleared out her stash of magazines and I can't bear to just throw them out even tho they are from 2002! So I'm doign what yous iad and going thru and takingout the good stuff - BUT what do you do with good stuff then? hhhmmmm?????? I bookmarked your site so I'm gonna be watching for another great organizational tip about that now!
Wendy in Tucson, AZ
P.S. I found that same Tim Holtz article in one of those mags I had!!!! LOVE it!! Tim Holtz rocks! Took a class recently from a woman in Phx who taught him his first stamping class!!! How cool is that?!