Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten Great Sites for Organizing

Fresh starts!

That's what this new year can signify for you and for me and for anyone who wants to get a grip on their surroundings and their home. Clear out that old wrapping paper from the holidays. Decide to donate an item for each item you received this Christmas! Then actually walk around the house and DO IT!

Get motivated with a few articles from these terrific organization blogs. They are some of my favorites!

365 days of Organization

Creative Organizing


Organized Home

Get Organized

Life Organizers

Organizer Queen

Organiized Families

Simplify 101

Organized Mom

Organizing Junkie

Begin with a renewed goal and a renewed energy. Let's go! We have more than 365 days to get our 2011 goals accomplished. Let's plan it out and then let's move forward!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

56 pages in 13 days

Hey friends!
Let's get 246 photos of people we do not know personally onto 56 pages in roughly 35 hours over 13 days. Let's use the client's miscellaneous accent and paper supply box and several dozen brads and several dozen pop dots. Toss in about 10-12 tape runners and some simple, classic designs. Oh yes and please label these family events and make captions for 90% of the photos. It's all written on the backs of the photos so just transpose that info to computer or write it out by hand for the journaling.

What you say? No way?

Well I am here to say that by using the speed scrapping page kitting techniques we share on Scrapperschallenge, I am DONE! Hurray-- and I did not have any help. Yes indeed, I did it myself!

I will be handing off this childhood-to-adult gift album to the client in the next few days. It was a fun project. This family sure went to some amazing spots in the USA over the years which resulted in some AMAZING photos of our natural wonders. The young man and his family climbed a total of 14 summits in the USA so far and he is only 23! Amazing accomplishments and photos. But boy, am I glad to be done in plenty of time now to work on my own holiday preparations!

Enjoy the slideshow! Sorry the pics are not superb. I took them with my phone. But you can see enough to get the idea. My fave layout is the Tailgating Party one above featuring some Cricut cut shapes. Most of these pages are super classic and simple. One or two medium accents per layout with some kind of simple dimensionality added with brads, pop dots, ribbon, pleating, or folding. Remember I had to use her supplies and get creative with what was in the box!

Enjoy the slideshow here:

To answer the most commonly asked question it averaged me about 30-40 minutes per 12x12 page. The most time consuming thing was the journaling. Some pages took more time and some took less. To answer the second most asked question, yes the clients pay me to do this for them. :)
Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

25 Ideas of Christmas from Fran

One of my favorite contributors to our ScrapperChallenge group on Yahoogroups is Fran. She has been with us a while now and always pitches right in to post ideas, sketches and helpful information. For the holiday season, Fran volunteered to add a gift idea each day for 25 days to the group. Here is a summary of the fabulous ideas she has gathered so far! Fran and I both hope it inspires you to use your stash and get creative in the gifts you give. Handmade is truly a gift of the heart. And let's give a big shout out to Fran for sharing these with us!! :) Please also be sure to thank the original artists at their websites for sharing the ideas and tutorials too!

Dec 25th, Thanks card

Dec 24th Personalized Coasters by Fran

Dec 23 CD Case Calender (Oh Fran was tricky and snuck one in on me with this one--it's by me!) :)

Dec 22 Stamped Shrinky Dink Earrings

Dec 21 BHG's 37 Gifts to Make

Dec 20 part 1 Paint Can gift packaging -tutorial

Dec 20 part 2 Paint Can Ideas (what to put inside depending on who you are giving it to)

Deb 19 Paper Bag Purse

Dec 18 Pamper Me Pink Bath Salts

Dec 17 Gift Bags from Newspaper

Dec 16 Christmas Fudge

Dec 15 Notecareds set

Dec 14 Nugget Boxes

Dec 13 Snowman Soup

Dec 12 Box full of Tags

Dec 11 Garden Set

December 10 Fancy Pencils -We love PaperArts!

Dec 9 Post It Note and Pen Holder -another cute one from PaperArts!

December 8: 2011 Calendar on a Ring

Dec 7: Gifts in a Jar

Dec 6: Father's Frame

Dec 5: Beaded Candles http://cathystclair.blogspot.com/2008/06/beaded-candles.html

Dec 4: Ribbon Memo board: http://tinyurl.com/2da7388

Dec 3: Notebook Gift Set http://tinyurl.com/2cluwvj

Dec 2: Cake in a cup: http://tinyurl.com/39xtoku

Dec 1: Flip Card and Flip Note Card holder http://tinyurl.com/32s65sb