Saturday, March 05, 2011

When there is a Garage Sale on the Horizon....

When there is a crafters garage sale on the horizon, you know I will be participating! Our local scrapbook store is hosting one this coming weekend. I love this! First it is a marvelous reason to be decluttering my studio. I try to do this at least once a year anyway and a garage sale is a nice way to recoup some of my investment on the 'duds' in my stash. They aren't REALLY duds but they are no longer to my taste and style.

I have gathered up and priced a whole large laundry basket so far just today. I plan to do more tomorrow. It really is eye opening to go through each basket, bin and shelf! There are a few things here I swear I got rid of already and others I am surprised I have not used up! What a pleasure it is to get rid of a container, bag or tub and empty it to either the SALE pile or to it's rightful place of honor in the stash that is being kept. I have more room in my studio than I thought I did! And joy of joys, I found some nice white cardstock and matching envelopes that I will need very soon for a wedding project. That SAVED me about $150 right there.

I also decided to let go of two albums--one Disney and one for recipes. If I don't have a project for them this year or next--out they go. Why hang on to them "just in case"? I don't have any Disney photos to do. And my heirloom recipes are already archived into cookbook albums that I gave my two kids a few years ago. I have such a backlog of other albums and genealogy to do that I think another cookbook album can wait a few years. Just because someone gives you a supply, it doesn't mean you have to use it. Truly. Let it go.

You know, with each thing that I get rid of, I can feel a tangible weight lifting off me. I think my TO DO pile was getting to be too heavy a burden. Subconsciously I am sure my mind was flinching every time I walked by all those incomplete "potential" projects. I am sure I asked myself a thousand times "When am I going to find the time?" Prioritizing --and decluttering-- may certainly bring me some profit from the sale. Even better, I think it will bring back some freedom and a bit of focus to my current and future crafting.

I have lots more to look through this coming week. I hope to feel about 100 stash pounds lighter in 7 days! ....And can someone tell me why the darn cats think every fabric tote bag is a cat bed? I have gone through a whole lint brush already! little stinkers.....



LF said...

Would you consider selling your Disney album to someone online?

Rockester said...

Sure! I will post a pic of it tomorrow in the body of the post so you can see it.

Jen said...

So exciting!
You should take pics of the piles for sale just to show the difference!

Love you mom!