Sunday, July 03, 2011

CHRISTMAS IN JULY -Jams and Jellies with herb additions

If you have a garden full of produce or fruit, consider making a gift of the heart for your family and friends. Consider how great these summer flavors will taste in the middle of winter! Mmmm! Jellies or Jams with a hint of herbs are delicious reminders of your affection and caring.


Some great combos are
apple and mint
lemon balm and lemonaide
berry and cinnamon
all-herb savory
cherry and clove

Tuck a real sprig of mint or other herb into the boil just before canning. You want the herb sprig to be sterile (ie kill the bacteria) but not be too wimply. I have even made an all-fruit jam from combininig the following all together in a pan: strawberry, rhubarb, apple, pie cherry, marashino cherry, peach, raspberry, and blackberry and cinnamon. Hey, what can I say? I had a little dab of each! :) Turned out super tasting --a lot like triple berry. We have used the all-jam as a base sauce for our pies as well as over pancakes!

Small sized jars work great for gifts so that each batch goes further and so that each recipient can get one to three assorted flavored jars.

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