Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September is Finish It Month!

Summer is winding down. School starts soon--or already has for some. It's time to start focusing on our "indoor" goals again. It's a natural time to switch gears and refocus. In Sept. let's get all those loose pages DONE, journaled and into albums!

Do you have almost-done pages sitting around in your totes, on your desk and so forth? Do you just need to add one more little thingy? Add a title?? Journal a bit? Slide them into protective sleeves? Get them into their desired order and add them to an actual ALBUM??

You are not alone. I bet we all have a few more of these than we care to admit. 90% done. But just not there....

September is the month to get that tiger by the tail and conquer the clutter! YES I said clutter. How can your lovely scrapbook pages EVER be clutter????

Because no matter how hard you worked, no matter what product you used, no matter how cute it is--if it is not DONE and it is not in it's right place (either gifted to the person you made it for or in it's final album--it is not out of your way. It is sitting someplace in limbo. Just like the dishes you intend to finish washing. Just like the clothes that didn't get hung up.

Let's treat our lovely pages with more respect. Let's get them DONE and into their books~

Just in time for the winter holidays when we can just plain share them with family! And since I was a little lax in August with the journaling prompts that I meant to focus on, I will send those across the wires too when I see some good ones. That will help us journal more and complete those pages too.

Let's get busy! If it needs a flower, add it. If it needs glue-ing down, glue it! If it needs changing, then change it! What are we waiting for? Just get it done. Please share your journaling tips at ScrappersChallenge as well and if you are getting pages INTO BOOKS! Yeah!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun Finds at Goldrush!

Our area in Minnesota sure comes alive in August with the onset of GOLDRUSH!

It's an antiques and junking weekend like no other. People come from all around the nation to see it and shop it and sell at it. It is held in two spots at the SAME TIME--Oronoco, Minnesota and in Rochester, Minnesota about 20 miles away. It is all comparable to Round Top, JunkFest, and to some of the big shows on the East coast from what I hear these vendors saying. And if there is old stuff to be had--I am there! I have been going to Goldrush now for 26 years and have never been disappointed. I get to wear my big hat and sunglasses and paw through cool junk all weekend! I am posing here with a 1900's early rocker JUST like the one we have photos of my mother sitting in back in 1940.

My pal Sue came back to Minnesota for the Goldrush (and a round of visiting with her family) all the way from Texas. I think she loves junk (oops! I mean cool stuff!) as much as I do! See her blog here:

Having Sue visiting us in Minnesota again has been soooo much fun. We have hit all the second hand stores earlier in the week as well as Goldrush in both locations. We even met the ladies of Junk Bonanza (see below) at the Goldrush! Now that is a treat. Those gals know how to decorate a booth and have lots of yummy vintage items.

Trying to see all the items from 1500 vendors is a BIG deal and boy did our feet get sore. Luckily the local fire station has inexpensive food and drinks --and a shady spot to sit a spell. We saw some unique items like this giant garden flower made from aluminum kitchenware and mounted on a pipe. Just think, no rust!

Here are some of my vintage "finds" and how I have used them. I have a thing for boxes, bins, baskets, and containers. Let's start off with a few I got this week.

A 50 cent steel 8mm movie storage case now turns into the perfect card caddy for my A2 greeting cards. The center panel in the front folds down too. Nice they had little dividers build into it along the back and bottom just the right size!

Three $1 coffee cans will evenually be used as a three tiered caddy with rods and spools between them. I am storing my Cricut blades, markers and tools in them.

A tisket, a tasket, a blue Martha box FULL of silk ribbon for $4.00 and a $1 vintage lidded basket!

Now this navy blue caddy box is a doozie! I took it to the car as fast as I could so I wouldn't have to lug it! LOL It is 3 feet long and 1 foot wide made of wood and has 18 compartments! Nine on each side make it wonderful for all my misc as you can see. $30 Yeah me! Comparable sizes were going for triple that price.

A desk stand for my recent cards with 7 loops and a great jumbo glass bead. Not vintage but very needed! $1

A 1960's turquoise vinyl eyeglass case with a magnetic snap top mirror lid! Canning lids because I needed some and the price is right, two clear glass bowls, 4 Precious Moments cookie cutters for my extensive cutter collection, 7 colors of thick thread meant for candlewicking in the 80's but now destined for cardmaking. All combined only $4

Less than $10 for this whole lot! Silver cake servers that will be re-purposed to garden plant markers after some metal stamping, green earrings for me, a necklace for myself or my daughter, and some misc jewelry baubles that will be made into a rhinestone, pearl and carved rose necklace later this week. Look for it here in a later posting.

Well we all know what these are! $1 for the whole Scrabble-icious box.

Scrabble letters used to showcase some ultra-terrific kids! And in the background, don't you just love old books too?

I wanted a rotary phone for my desk--Hubby tested it and it WORKS with our phone lines! Yeah! $5.00 only. Also got 5 old mini New Testaments for a book art project. Don't worry, it will be very reverent. Will showcase that later in the fall on the blog here too.

Love skeleton keys but they have to be the right price! Less than $1 each and shown here with a 3 inch wide vintage stone mortar bowl. LOVE the patina on it and it even has a little pour spout. I think this will be my new paperclip bowl.

As a writer and bona-fide English major, of course I love books. As a genealogist, of course I love HISTORY! Here we picked up old text books for $2 a piece: Published in 1895 Stories of Great Americans, The St Croix River from 1965, and Harper's International Geography from 1877!!!! And for my paper crafting delight, a 375 page trumpet music book that I can tear apart and craft with for 50 cents! No lyrics--ONLY music notes on every page!

Now after all that shopping out of doors, we needed to cool off! What better way than with a vintage ZERO fan in just the right shade of green metal? This $15 beauty is going in my workroom.

It sure was a fun weekend. Thanks so much to Sue and also to my hubby Mike for junking along with me. I held out for good prices and Goldrush treasures were definitely found!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christmas in July and August catch uip Link index.

Catching up on some Christmas in July and August Posts!

Just want to make sure no one misses any good links! Enjoy! Rockester

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What a great organizer for a vintage feel. Tiered old tins threaded on a rod.

Vintage tins can be found at flea markets and online auction sites for as little as $1 each.

Here is my own weekend project! What do you think?

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TEACHER GIFT this site is a bonanza if you need ideas for teacher gifts and back to school treats

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CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST something the kids can actually create and give with a little supervision. -cupcake in a cup-

This cupcake-in-a-cup, another fun craft from, makes a great gift

TIP: Shop secondhand for cups that were made in the USA --that meet no lead requirements for heated foods. Cups usually say on the bottom where they were manufactured.

How to understand paper weights! Read this!


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CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST (or a summer activity for the teens) Canvas shoes and Copic markers!

CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST Quilts--Fast and Furious lap quilt from fitted sheets. Shop the secondhand for these! Great for picnic blankets, pet bed gifts, extra crib quilts, car quilts, or lap quilts for the elderly.

No marking, no piecing, no binding and minimal measuring - so minimal that I'm not even sure it counts. Not a great deal of thinking either.

Such a cute idea! Ask the kids how granny makes her best recipe and write it down on a white cotton towel for a gift! Hilarious!

See this transformation from closet to office I found online


Here is what I have been up to the last couple days

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Reduce, reuse, and repaint! A dresser re-vamped.

My All: A Dresser Re-invented :D

‎...and now the renovated room is all done! Take a look and let me know what you think.


Shabby Chic Crafts- delightful paper tags & more!: Christmas Project #12- Paper Ball Ornaments

CHRISTMAS IN JULY - and another style of planner in 12x12

Get ready for the holiday season with a Christmas planner. Make your own with articles, checklists, free printables and planner tours.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Greeting card frenzy! Love it!

It's a card fest at my house!


6 ornate red general purpose cards.

8 regular sympathy cards

8 pet sympathy cards in green

6 cute owl birthday cards

12 blue asstorted background Just for You girls with Copic coloring.

6 Orange hello girl with pleated paper ribbon and 6 Smile cards hand colored with Copic markers. 4 Thinking of You flowerpot cards with texture folders and Copic marker coloring.

WHEW! But sooo much fun over the last 4 days.

Being creative-- and knowing that you are making something worthwhile for others-- with your time and supplies is what it is all about. Here is what I have been up to the later part of this week. Using stuff up and making cards for gifts, trading, and for sale. Love it!

And, yes, I do make them to sell! If you like some, let me know...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Guest room/Office completed!

Well I did it! And I did it buying only three things! Whoohoo!

Remember this view? Much better now, right? If you didn't see the BEFORE pics, see them in the previous posts HERE. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

When you enter the room, we have a short re-purposed wooden nightstand table topped with a well-loved antique yellow chipped paint bottling crate from my husband's family.

It now holds my current project of the week. In this case, a baby gift album and a wedding album. Below it is an old wire locker basket with oodles of inspiration for my scrapping projects.

BUY NUMBER ONE (below): A set of three floral prints for this wall purchased last weekend from a garage sale for 25 cents each! Yes! I love a bargain.

The bedside needed a narrow scale stand of some sort. I put my thinking cap on and realized that this barstool that my husband made in high school 35 years ago might be the right silhouette. It was really rough from the garage and outdoors, but still sturdy and solid wood. I Cloroxed it (is that a verb?) all over and then gave the top a whitewash.

Now it can pop right into that small space and hold a few collectables, a lamp, and mementos.

You have seen this view before. The bed all made up.

And to the right of the bed is our refurbished dresser. It says May You Smile, Laugh, and Love. See how I did it HERE

I enjoyed tinkering with the tablescape here. Fred Astaire (autographed!) looks right at home with old family prayer books, apothecary bottles, candles, and our daughters dried wedding flowers. Our little Willow Tree girl has a to-scale tin home.

Coming around to the next wall we see the photo board I recovered. See how I changed it up HERE using doilies and vintage brooches.

BUY NUMBER TWO: Poster of the Acropolis $2.00 at Savers!

In a moment you will see I added a poster of the Greek Acropolis in a very similar vista to the one my daughter and her hubbie had on their honeymoon. But how to frame it? Such an odd long shape. I went out to the garage and looked around. No stray molding, darn it. No good thin wood scraps either. Needs a vintage about yardsticks!?? Not in brown or natural though.... so let's make it white! Boy that acrylic white paint is coming in handy! I drilled holes in the yardstick ends so that I could thread twine in on the corners to join and to hang it. I also hot-glued the yardstick sides to the poster casing.

Here is how it looks completed.

On the same wall are all those shoe cubbies I mentioned in an earlier post. I tucked lots of storage and smalls in there. I used old and new containers --mostly handmade pottery bowls and embossed metal vintage bread loaf pans, and french bread baskets to hold my scrapping items and a few magazines, fabrics, and some collectables.

Again the tablescape on top of the cubbies was so much fun to create. I just shopped all around my own house for goodies that looked right. Some of my daughter's items made it back in--as it should be since she will also stay here. I love the two mini love birds in little white berry nests.
The quilted teddy bear is 30 years old now and sewn by me from one of my great-grandmother's quilts three decades ago....

Those of you with sharp eyes will recognize the combined name album from Clear Scraps that I made for the young couple about a year and a half ago about their courtship.

BUY NUMBER THREE: The $14 work table. I got it at SAVERS and it is all one piece like a butcher block. Very solid.

On the table, upper left, an old creamery pitcher serves as my paper towel holder. Re-purposed tins, mug, and clock. My wicker desk organizer is reused from daughter as are the bookends. Vintage dragonfly paperweight from my son's room looks better in here. Hubby generously brought up this wooden oak office chair for me. He had bought it for himself 3 weeks ago at a garage sale but he said he can use my leather one. Those big modern leather ones are so huge, the arms won't fit under the table --or in this space. This wood rolling chair is perfect! In order to make sure the wooden floor doesn't get marred up, I snagged the extra area rug from my son's room and flipped it over so the black side is down and the tan side is up. It works!

This little scene on my desk shows how you can tuck a doily into a Kleenex box cover and 'hide' the pattern on it. I have also decoupaged with pattern papers and Mod Podge over these kinds of boxes to make them match my decor. I want to find my grandfather's skeleton keys (downstairs someplace) and add them to the twine ties on the milk glass lamp from my porch. (I think I am going to change out that squarish shade on the lamp for a round one and then decoupage music or dictionary words on it.

The sweet little clown in the rocker was a birthday gift to me from 1963! He has traveled with me a long, long way! :) I am using the vintage blue crocheted trivet as a coaster on my desk. My mom collects these crocheted string trivets and shared this one with me when she sent the doily box--because it is my favorite color. Thanks Mom!

Above the desk/table I have placed two rummage sale 8x10 brushed bronze oval metal frames from my stash with dear daughter's wedding pics. The black 8x14 frame is one that I also had in my stash which used to have a pic of a cute toddler couple with a nice saying about love. I knew months ago that I was eventually going to change out that impersonal photo for one of my daughter and her husband on their engagement day. I printed all three of these photos onto my own photo paper for pennies here on my printer. These definitely help keep this room earmarked for my daughter and her husband when they come to visit --and happily remind me of them when they are gone.

Well that is it for this room redo! Hope you enjoyed it. I do love how it turned out. Even better it only took me one garage sale and one trip to Savers Secondhand to find the three items that I bought. (Yep, a whopping $16.75 FOR THIS ROOM!)

What can you do with what you already own? If I can do it, so can you! :)

May you always smile, laugh and love!

A Dresser Re-invented :D

This 5 drawer dresser in the corner needed a facelift. After ten years of service, it was looking a little torn and tattered. Now I like tattered--but not sad and worn. The good points are that it has 5 ample drawers that still glide reasonably smoothly, is all real wood, has it's wonderful original knobs , an adorable skirt detailing--and I already own it. LOL

Click on any photo to enlarge it.


But the birds and vines painted on the front have to go. Like the memo board in that last post, it was just a little too 'themey' for me.


(Don't worry I painted them on many years ago, so it's ok if I repaint, right?)

So here I go....I repainted the fronts all white. And then I added a dry brushing of a teal blue. I decided when the blue was dry it was a tish too bright. So I whitewashed the blue again.

Five drawers means I have room for five words, right? I went back to my foam stamp stash and found several that would work. I decided not to do individual lettering with individual font stamps because I had several complete words that would work great and be a heck of a lot less trouble lining them up. Lazy sometimes works in my favor LOL...

I chose these:
MAY YOU SMILE LAUGH AND LOVE and stamped with teal acrylic paint.

Close up of one drawer:

And now for the big reveal!!! drumroll....


A little tamer than the birds and vines...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and REPAINT!

And may you always smile, laugh and love!