Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UFO 11

All that practice on the tablemat WIP #29 and #30 was in prep for doing the same center flower frond shape all over this lap sized authentic 1930s-1940s sampler quilt completed this month from  34 extra Depression Era blocks. Most of these hand quilted blocks were rescued from a musty garage sale oblivion. (126 blocks in a shoebox for $1.00)

My goal in 2013 is to get ALL my UFOs done. That includes things that have been on the shelf a while. So, I used another 1940-1950 bowtie top (seen below) for the back. The bowtie piece was given to me free with another garage sale quilt top purchase and it needed a use.

However, the bowtie top was not a strong enough top to visually or practically stand on its own as a front. Putting it on the back of the 30s sampler was era-appropriate and a great solution! Happy choice for a back. Coral colored binding going on it this week. Done will be good!
Here are some of the quilted fronds in the front of the 1930 block sampler. I do all my own free motion quilting on my Pfaff Quilters Expression 4.0 with 50 weight cotton Aurifil threads. I try to challenge myself to a new fee motion design with each quilt or project. Bit by bit, I get better.

They say sewing teaches you patience with a project, well, free motioning teaches you patience with yourself!

Be patient with yourselves. Keep moving along. And have a wonderful week!

*UFO- Unfinished Object is a project were fabrics were cut into and started any time BEFORE the current calender year --by anyone-- and it doesn't have to have been you. Hence my rescued quilt blocks are always UFOs. *WIP- Works in Progress are things that you yourself have started during this current calender year. They were not planned or cut out before January 1st.

WHOOHOO!! Completion of WIP number 30!

This one is a baby quilt. I didn't know I was going to make a baby quilt last week but when I was done with the last UFO, I decided to pick up a couple things around my sewing desk. At the bottom we a small stack of about 90 miscellaneous pastel charm squares from the six totebags I did for my mom's bible study ladies. Well that was just enough to make a baby quilt! Here are the pics! And I used the same flower frond design to quilt it. Not too shabby for extras! It may go off to charity or if may become a gift. Not sure yet. But it is always good to have one in reserve.

Plus it was great to get the sewing area cleared up a bit! Now those charms are sewn up and useful!



This lovely little table mat was a quick practice for some of my free motion quilting and happens to be my 29th work in progress. I purposely used cream thread so I could easily see where I was going and see where I needed to improve.


The center is free motioned with what I call flower fronds. I was inspired by Angela Walters video class at Craftsy but someplace between watching her video and going downstairs to sew, I lost track of how to do the backside of the flower!! Too lazy to go back up and restart the computer, I just winged it. LOL Yes that is me. So I improvised after the echoing and I like it!

The next small border out is pebbling and I learned that I like only one or two rounds of thread on a pebble. Not so into the look of the thicker thread painting that results with 4 or 5 layers. Maybe on a larger scale project or with a matching thread I would do more layers.

Lastly, I did some freehand feathers along the outer border. I learned to watch where I was going and that it is not too hard to control a smaller FMQ design. In fact I think it is easier to go small than to go big! And it looks more fancy too! Just make sure you are using a clear foot or an open toe foot! I am not sure it it is "correct" or not but I am often working a little blind (behind the foot) because on a border, I am pulling the fabric toward myself as I sew it.

Great little practical project and a fun way to get in some more FMQing on my domestic machine. Bit by bit we learn! Now on to the Next UFO!