Tuesday, August 22, 2006


How are you all doing on your Unit by Unit challenges? This is about the time in each challenge when people start getting bored or lagging behind or just plain busy with ohter things in life and their monthly challenges hit a little hurdle.

So we are going to have a 'keep it going' CONTEST!

You could WIN a brand new Pioneer 8.5x11 postbound album FREE just for letting us know how your UNITS are going
and how you are going to keep your momentum going. Comment on the NEW BLOG to let me know. I will pick one winner in a week.

This should take you to my NEW blog which I changed to last week. Please bookmark it at the NEW SITE


Enjoy and keep going! We are halfway done!
June and July units coming to the blog in the next 24 hours!!


jodie c said...

Knowing that we are about half way down has given me a renewed energy. June is our celebration month! It was be a fun section to do.

falwyn said...

I do love this challenge. It's so do-able.

Dana said...

I'm the one who hit a wall with photots of my teenage kids friend who died in a car crash. I still haven't done those pages but my daughter is back in college and my son and husband are going on a fishing trip for the next 3 days. So tomorrow is the day I work on those pics and get caught up on unit by unit pics. Tears can flow and I'll have the house to my self to work thru it. Prayers are welcome! Thanks for all your support. Dana

Spongemom Scrappants said...

The unit-by-unit challenge has been very inspirational for me. I find myself making more time to get my scrapbook table because I'm excited by the progress I am making. And the layouts and "freebies" you are sending are really helpful.
By the way, message to Dana: we are proud of you for tackling this. Let us know how it went.

Rockester said...

Dana we are here for ya! This may be a 'season for tears' for a short period in the UNIT challenge, but you will be so proud when you get those wonderful photos into an album. Best of luck and prayers in the process.
Hurray for all of you out there for tackling this challenge.

Melissa said...

I was cruising along on unit-by-unit. Done through May. Now school has started and I'm a teacher. I have been printing, then, cropping my digital photos. So, i'm not going through piles of photos. Love the Shabby princess artwork. I printed and used Springbreeze as embellishment for my May pages. Hope to work on some pages this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cruising right along! I am so happy to have so much done! This is so awesome! Thanks for the inspiration Rockster. And yes, I am still working on my mom...I am hoping that once she sees this album she will be more willing to let me get her pictures into albums.


Rockester said...

Jodie you are the winner! Please let me know your postal details at rockester@magnaspeed.net and I will ship your album out!

jodie c said...

Knowing that we are about half way down has given me a renewed energy. June is our celebration month! It was be a fun section to do.

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