Saturday, March 31, 2012



Win this Ephermia lot: DECLUTTER PRIZE # 1 includes lots of sewing pattern tissues, sewing pattern instruction sheet, some oddball letters and numbers and oodles of Kraft paper tags! I might even toss in a handful of old white buttons! They kind of go with the theme of this prize too don't they? Here's how to win...

I am kicking off a NEW feature over at Scrappers Challenge Facebook. I am going to be decluttering some decor and craft items in the next few months and rather than list them on ebay or listia or give them to Goodwill, I am going to offer them as unique prizes to those of you out there who craft or garden or sew and appreciate little stashes of good stuff! It's all going to be FREE and I am paying shipping to get them to the winners. All you have to do is comment on this post before April 7th at midnight central time!

What you have to do is include your blog link, web page or email to your comment so I can contact you if you win!

Our first DECLUTTER prize is the paper arts and altered art lot seen above! Comment below to win! Winners chosen at random from those who post here before the above mentioned deadline.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Now the next thing I am going to blog about is completely a MOM thing and yep, I am gonna be a bragger for about 55 seconds! And I do know my son would probably NOT approve of me saying anything here, but phooey! I have decided that I put in about 26 years so far so I have a right to shout how proud we are of him. LOL

My oldest, John, is graduating Rosalind Franklin Medical School (a part of the Chicago Medical School) this June. He will then be coming BACK to our hometown in Rochester Minnesota as a Mayo Clinic resident in cardio-thorasic surgery. That means he got his first choice. And that means Mayo Clinic is getting a terrific, hard working resident! What it means for me personally is that my all-grown-up boy and his sweet, wonderful bride of 4 years plus --both seen above--are coming back to town!

So excited and so relieved. And so very proud of all his long, hard work. I know residents work even harder and he has some long days ahead of him. But I also know he can do it. Bravo!

Love you John!

Where did our Winter go?

It really can't be the end of March yet, can it?

What a busy winter I have had with my genealogy and my card making, my work and home --and some wonderful trips thrown in too! I don't know where the time went by to. But the plants in my Minnesota garden are telling me it's SPRING almost!

Hubby and I have been busy with a few trips and the biggest one was flying out to see our newlywed daughter. First stop Pennsylvania to see our wonderful Jen and her husband Russ. What great hosts they were! We saw SO much more than is even shown here.

Heading for NY city with them both to see all the main sights and a A-1 musical (Wicked). We even rode the Metro!

Freedom Tower site. Very sobering and yet hopeful too.

Passing Lady Liberty on the ferry boat. VERY cool to see her and it was something from my bucket list! Yeh! She really is inspiring to see.

On to Ellis Island and the museum. This was also on my list of "someday" things to do that has come true! Growing up on the west coast, I certainly never thought I'd make it waaaaay over here to NYC! I loved the history of it all since I have 4 known sets come through this entryway to America. Hubby has a few also. It must have taken some kind of bravery to overcome their fear and nervousness in coming into a new land.

A little look at Times Square. So pretty! So many light bulbs! LOL

A long carriage ride around Central Park is the ONLY way to go! Loved this. Also ate at Magnolia Bakery and saw Penn Station, Rockefeller Center, Battery Park, Madison Square Garden, Dakota Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge, the Staten Island Ferry, and more!

Some time for fun too. (Its actually a sampler set and not as full sized as it looks) This is in a historic pub in a grist mill in Pennsylvania while we spent the day ancestor hunting for hubby's lines through Lancaster County cemeteries! Isn't it funny how life goes around in a circle? My husband's great great great grandfather left Pennsylvania for the midwest right after the Civil War and almost 150 years later, our daughter is by chance happily living and working there!

Hope all is well with you and more about my garden and crafting coming soon! So exciting!

(Leave a comment here and you could win a set of four handmade cards from me!) :D