Friday, October 26, 2007

Altered Pocket Calendars: Basic Grey

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Yeah!! I love how this pocket calendar gift project is coming along. If you are on my Christmas list or my daughter's list, look away now 'cause you won't be surprised later on!

I got some 2008-2009 two-year pocket/purse calendars at the dollar spot. They came with plastic covers, so instantly I thought of a project! I remembered a fantastic class I taught a year or so ago at a local store on making altered and personalized checkbook covers. I knew I had to make these calendars into a similar altered project. It was a natural! These would be so cute as gifts done with a Basic Grey "Blush" pack of paper I had at home. Everyone I know seems to love Basic Grey--even if they are not scrapbookers! Teens especially like that paper line too.

So I bought a BUNCH of calendars and spent most of yesterday altering and adding accents to these little gems. I used all one paper line from Basic Grey with just a few scraps from my Provo slab. Choosing the color scheme is the most important step when making multiple projects all at once assembly line style. Using the colors teal, brown, orange, pink and red inspired from theBG Blush line of papers, I then found lots of other accents and tags and silk flowers in my stash that went with it. Pulling all the items into a project box took me less than 20 minutes. I tried to incorporate my scraps as well as any oddball accent leftovers whenever possible. No two calendars will be exactly the same--and that is a good thing for any personalized gift as well as a good thing for using up stash! This is the perfect project for using up lots of little trinkets and doodads left over from other paper art projects.

The plastic covers measured 6.5 inches by 7.75 inches so I cut all my base papers at the same time using an assortment of Basic Grey Papers. I then used the remnants of paper to cut my strips, cubes, and small rectangle pieces and just mixed and matched them throughout the process in a abstract art kind of way. Because the color scheme is meant to work together, it always looked great!

The 6.5x7.75 BG cover sheets I decorated for these pocket calendars are just inserts that go between the 'book' of the calendar and its platsic cover. I wanted the cases to be re-usable since they are personalized so I did NOT glue my Basic Grey cover sheet onto the paper cover of the actual calendar 'book' This way, the recipient can re-use this pretty little cover for another calendar in 2010 --or for another purpose like a checkbook.

I added some matching tags from K and Co. and other embellishment words from a few sticker sheets about friendship. Lastly I inked and added chipboard initials to personalise the calendars. Some of these got fibers and some got acrylic bubble decorations also from the dollar spot. I love how these ten turned out so I am making a couple dozen more next time I go out to crop.

I am going to make one for Santa to tuck in MY stocking too! Shhhhh! :) :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cookie Sheet Perpetual Calendar

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<>I decided to take a little break today and make something fun.

The links on Scrapperschallenge inspired me to make a cookie sheet calendar holder of my own. This is a re-usable frame made from a cookie sheet and paper crafting supplies. Since I print my calendar out monthly and often hand two of three months up at a time in the kitchen, I wanted it to be flexible with magnetic clips to hold my calendar papers. Other people just make new monthly title cards and leave blank boxes on the white calendar section and move the date numbers around (the numbers are mounted on magnets) to make each month accurate.

I wanted to just hang my computer created planner calendar up. So I needed another kind of option. Here is my version. (Ignore blurred personal event details on photo)

And here is how I did it.

First find an old cookie sheet. Mine was an older one with lots of 'character' and staining. I loved the rustic aspect but that is just me. If you want a fresh one, you can buy a big one at the discount stores for under $5 . I wanted it decorated in blue to match my kitchen.

Here are my supplies:

Assorted blue fairly thin weight scrapbooking papers
Mod Podge- flat finish
foam brush
ribbon for hanger (12 inches)
Coordinating sticker letters for the days of the week header
blue inks
word sayings-coordinating- for the header
silk flowers and brads
two heavy duty clip magnets to hold my calendar papers
One blue paper clip and a brad and a silk flower for memo at top of calendar (see on ribbon)

First make sure your pan is as clean and dry as you can get it. Then you Mod Podge adhesive into the interior of the pan with a foam brush.

Add your first layer of paper at top. I corner-rounded my two top paper corners to fit better in the baking sheet. I pressed it firmly into place and worked out any bubbles. Then I let it dry and I inked it with blue ink to distress it. Note: When all the paper layers are on, you will add a topcoat to protect it.

I then added more Mod Podge adhesive to the lower section of the pan and added my next two layers of torn coordinating blue paper. Again press out any bubbles and make sure you have plenty of adhesive. I use a foam brush to apply it evenly in thin coats. I inked those papers again when dry. Be sure it the whole thing is dry before inking or you will gum up that inkpad!

Since my calendar frame will have to be horizontal instead of vertical, I made a header for my days of the week along the long side of the cookie pan using the blue numbers paper below. Then I added the day of the week stickers to the header. You just need the S, M, T, W, H, F, and another S sticker letters for this. H is the other letter abreviation for thursday if you don't have two T's. Be sure to start your week with either sunday or monday --whichever your family prefers. For work calendars, some people prefer to start with monday.

I also inked with a second darker navy blue along the stickers to make them distressed looking too. I may also go back and add some brown ink distressting later to tie in with the rustic pan.

This is the point at which you add another top coat of Mod Podge to protect the papers and stickers and inking. Do not add lumpy embellishments until you have let the Mod Podge protective coat dry. Use glue dots or e6000 glue to add lumpy embellishments.

Next I added some of my fun paper to the top of my boring --but strong--1.5x1.5 inch metal magnetic clips.

Again I used Mod Podge to adhere it and to give it a protective top coat.

Let dry and decorate as you like . I inked them and added a silk flower and brad. I needed two clips --one for each side of my calendar to hold my sheets of paper.

As you can see above I decided that the days of the week needed more LUMPYNESS and dimension. I added plastic and metal lettering to echo each day of the week designation letter.

Hanger: Lastly I needed a way to hang it so I added two clamp clips (blue of course) to the pan top and threaded a ribbon through them. Later I will ask hubby to help me poke holes in the metal sheet with his Awl. You could also use a Crop a Dile.

One more useful touch I thought of at the last minute was to add a simple blue paper clip with a flower on it to the ribbon area. I wanted a "SEE THIS!" kind of urgent memos and notes clip for memos between family members. We often look at the calendar so this should catch our attention if a note is front and center at top. You can attache a slik flower to a clip with a brad if you curl the brad legs around the paperclip underneath the flower. (I use these homemade pretty paperclips on scrapbook pages too!) Below you can see the backside of the flower clip.


Monday, October 15, 2007

STASH BUSTER: November Door Decoration

(click on photo for close up)

Celebrate November! Make a door decor calendar/memo board for your college students! Use a firm 12x12 cardstock as your base. (Further instructions here)

Here is the second door decoration I have made for my daughter's dorm. She and her roomate LOVED the first one seen here for spooky OCTOBER and have asked for more! Using my stash, older papers, and odds and ends is sooo much fun when I know it will bring a smile to their faces. (Don't believe me about using up ancient leftovers? If you look closely, you can see some plain die cut leaves from about 1994 and an Accucut title from about 1987!) I made two pockets agian for the memo paper and so they can recycle the "IN, OUT, and BACK IN 15" cards from last month. Enjoy!


Look what I did today! (Click on photos for close ups!)


I am happy to say I got out my button box today. I have been meaning to incorporate more of my button stash into my layouts. But in the last month or so, the layouts never seemed 'right' for buttons. But today was the day! Not one page set --but two --were perfect for buttons!

I decided to see how they would look used in one of my favorite ways--as flower centers for the layout above. Once I got going I loved the look and kept on going. I did a total of 4 pages with buttons!!! The above set is for a Sweet Teen Client and has dozens of silk and paper flowers with button centers.

The other page set below titled "Falling for You" has photos taken at a local orchard. Because of the theme of the page, I used dozens of fall leave shaped buttons. I borrowed three or four from my pal Dawn (Thanks Dawn!) and I had all the rest already in my embellishment box! I just sprinkled them in corner clusters and also used them on the Basic Grey title lettering.

How many BUTTONS, BUTTONS, BUTTONS did I use??? I used a whopping 56 buttons today on 4 pages. I had to count them twice to be sure! LOL

I challenge YOU to use some of your buttons TODAY! See if you can beat that number! Use over a dozen buttons per page! I dare ya! :)