Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter 2010 layout

Just started--and finished--this one today. I love how the metallic elements (mini silver brads and snowflake brads) added so much to this winter layout.

I have to print the following photos of my daughter and her sweetie at the Great Waters Brewery this winter in St Paul MN. But I will add those pics to it tomorrow. Isn't that ice block sculptured furniture amazing??? And the two lovebirds are pretty sweet too. ;)

Moving onward in my goal to get even more accomplished in 2010~


Sunday, April 18, 2010


The lucky winner of 4 handmade cards FREE is this post:

" Beth Johnston said...

Love your cards - thanks for sharing
- "

Thank you all for posting! And yes girls --Australia and the Netherlands are eligible--no problem.
Be sure to watch the blog for future contests!

I will be sending Beth an email this morning to get her postal address. I plan to ship out her assorted 4 cards with envelopes this week!

Thanks to all who commented! I hope the posts inspire you all to try making some cards from scraps and from stash!

We will have another blog giveaway soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

TUTORIAL: Handmade Mini Paper/Chipboard Bushel Basket

Look what you can make with one 12x12 sheet of your favorite paper and one piece of 12x12 chipboard! (I used a couple half sheets of Basic Grey since I love that mixed papers look.) Add a little Mod Podge and about a dozen cute brads! This little bushel basket style makes up into a roughly 4x4x4 sized little beauty. It is perfect for holding a small gift --or a bag of snack candy bars for your co-workers on an office desk.

Cut 12 strips of chipboard and twelve strips of pattern paper. You can mix and match pattern papers this way. Of if you want the total basket to be uniform of one paper, then you can spray adhesive onto one piece of 12x12 paper and attach it to one piece of 12x12 chipboard. Cut the whole thing into 12 one inch strips. After your glue is dry, ink the edges of all.

Above: Center each one inch strip with a small hole at 6 inches for your center post.

Above: Add a mini album post and screw (or a very strong long-legged brad) at center and fan out like spokes.

Above: For the top finishing band around the basket, use two 1x12 inch strips and join them with a 3/4 overlap with a large decorative brad. You will later add the second decorative brad half way around the basket (on the other side). You can also back the other side of the chipboard with two more pieces if you want the gray chipboard to be hidden at the top interior.

Use a sour cream container as your "basket mold" to get a roughly 4x4x4 basket. Use a rubber band or two in order to hold it all in position while you secure the basket's top band and brads. Center the holes for each brad in the middle of the band. I placed my brads every 3 centimeters and this worked out perfectly for my roughly 15 inch top band. I used a Crop a Dile to punch the small holes.

If you want this basket to be shorter (3 inches) you can use a cereal bowl for a mold shape and the base will be a bit wider with the sides a bit shorter. I plan to Mod Podge mine again now that the shape is done to give it stability. Decorate the exterior as you like! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do you love Strawberry Shortcake? :)

Using my Copic markers these days seems to mean coloring some of the most darling stamped and line art images of children. And what is more iconicly young Americana than our girl Strawberry Shortcake and her pals? Today I made 9 cards using my Copics. I am still learning on these great pens and my blending needs more practice. But I do love how these images turned out! These Hasbro Strawberry Shortcake* images can be found on several of Hasbro's officially sponsored coloring pages online and are meant for us to print and color.

Since these cards are for my individual personal use ( I color one and send it to a specific small child.) I believe I can use them for my personal sending. I just save the image off to my desktop, re-sized them and printed them out in multiples. I color them all the same and later add them to my handmade cards. When done, I send them out to a particular child who has been touched by illness and needs a little cheering up. Strawberry Shortcake is the girl for that job! She can bring a smile to anyone's face. I colored the images above in the hearts --and colored and created these below for the cards of the girl reading her book as well.

If you would like to send a card to a specific child who is ill, please join Jennifer McGuire's Cards for Kids collection here. These kids are so brave, they deserve a little token of how much we care.

Let's use our stash to perk up someone's day! (And you can also send them to your own little friends too.)

Don't forget the MY ALL CARD GIVEAWAY! Place a comment below before April 16th at 12 midnight central time and you could be randomly picked for a set of 4 of my assorted handmade cards! Be sure and include your email so I can contact you if you win!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Card Creations!

MY ALL CARD GIVEAWAY! Place a comment below before April 16th at midnight--and you could be randomly picked for a set of 4 of my assorted handmade cards!

Another day of focused cardmaking at our local store yeilded about 35 cards. Here is a sampling of my monochromatic cardmaking method. I was able to use up several pre-folded cardstock base formats from a garage sale-- and several small pieces and supplies I had in the "to use" bag! Most of these cards were specifically designed to go into some lavender envelopes that my friend Edith gave me recently. This was another endeavor in Going Green! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Computer wording and rubber stamps from a variety of vendors provide the wording. These cards will become gifts at the holidays as well as charitable contributions. This mass production allows me to use down my stash aggressively, save some money next holiday, brighten someone else's day, and feel great about sharing!

MY ALL CARD GIVEAWAY! Place a comment below before April 16th at 12 midnight central time and you could be randomly picked for a set of 4 of my assorted handmade cards! Be sure and include your email so I can contact you if you win!

Friday, April 02, 2010

A Paper Crafter Retreat Means...More Cards!

Four days in a lovely setting out of town with 25 paper crafting friends guessed it... page layouts and more cards! I focused on card making this time around but I did sneak in 8 layout pages also. Take a look. :) Completely using stash and ONE March Basic Grey Club kit 2010! The cards are this and that supply-wise from my tote. I did have to buy one pack of bling from our vendor store (VIP in Rochester MN).

... an assortment of cards using stash!

a little bling to light up the chandelier

I always make things in multiples and gift my handmade cards at the holidays

...a little Copic marker on the medallion Dragonfly cards are for the Taylored Expressions Dragonfly Card Drive (for charity). I made three other styles as well for them and will photograph later

Basic Grey is so generous with their kits that I was able to make 6 layout pages from one kit by adding only a couple 6x6 BG sheets and one 8.5x11 cream card stock! Amazing! Yes, all the titles came from the ONE sticker sheet included in the March kit!

It was a wonderful weekend with great food and amazing people. Loved it! Thanks to VIP in Rochester MN for hosting it!