Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Design Stars ain't got nuttin' on me!


Here is my re-design (for under $50 !) of my son's room using items from around my home in other areas and $15 of black photo frames from Goodwill and Savers secondhand. Recycle and redesign with what you already own. Combine things and streamline. You can do this. :) I am not showing before pics because frankly I didn't take any but it was a typical teenage boy MESS. It was dusty and had lots of stacked messes. Now, it is still HIS room and his style and his things. Just arranged nicer! Great redesign meant for a grown up 22 year old wouldn't you say?

Dresser area: Oh my goodness we can see the surface finally! Since this room will also double as a guest room at times, I added a vase for flowers, a candle, and a dish for candy. I had these items, the clock, and photos already in the house in other rooms.

We traded out a childhood end table for a grown up one from our room. I love this gorgeous red silk-satin shade on the white porcelain lamp. You also get a glimpse of the white sheer curtains and black marbled sheer curtain panels at window. I took down a yellow mini blind. This new window treatment and end table are much more 2008 and more grown up.

Camouflaging a few tubs of memorabilia with a tablecloth that he has to sort through soon. Small rooms have storage issues and we have to container-ise and hide things! LOL

Artwork drawn for him by his high school buddy. These drawings and paintings were my inspirations for the white and black theme with red accents and a clean -- almost Asian-- feel to the decor. Find a color scheme and a inspiration and stick with it.

The picture wall above his bed: family and loved ones. I love how this wall turned out. Frames from Goodwill--all black. Black floating shelving and shadow box shelving are from Goodwill as well.

Futon double now minus the bunk! Yeah! So much more open. I added some 0n-sale bedding and two red pillows from the living room.

Bookcase with about 1/3 the books he owns! LOL The rest are in containers waiting to be sorted in picture 3 above. Oops forgot to close that closet door but there are more tubs stacked neatly in there with his books and extra seasonal clothing.

I love how this looks now. Hope it lasts! LOL