Friday, January 28, 2011

Dig into Genealogy 101

Have you always wanted to make an album and incorporate your family history into it? Well grab a 12x12 binder style album and let's get started! Leave your email in the COMMENTS if yu want to purchase one or more kits. New kits will be shown as they become available in 2011. I recommend ordering as we go along because supplies are limited to 50 and under of each set.

"My Story" title page for Genealogy 101 in 2011 at the store where I work.
($7.50 plus shipping) I think I will upload it to the Basic Grey gallery too. They need more genealogy pages up on there. :) The girl at desk silhouette is from Cricut cartridge "Sentimentals."

"Original Me" January month --first set --a two page layout about yourself. ($14.50 plus shipping) I love this one because it is blue! My favorite color. :D Always start your record keeping and genealogy work with a few of your own pictures and statistics. Lecture notes and chart included.

"Mom and Dad" February month --second set --a two page layout about your birth or adoptive parents. Step parents also go in this section. ($14.50 plus shipping) Document your parents so it is all written down. Do this soon! Sorry the color here isn't coming across right from the camera phone but this layout uses Family Keepsake line from We R Memory Keepers and the true colors can be seen below. Lecture notes on using The internet to search for free records are included.

Thanks for checking this out. I will try to add the new layouts as the class goes along.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Boy and Baby Girl cards-DONE!

Baby Girl card on left with plain wax paper
Baby Boy card on right with embossed wax paper "leftovers" from wax resist Batik process

I finished the Feb. card swap baby cards for the local store where I work. I repurposed my leftover embossed wax paper sheets from the wax Batik resisit technique for the sympathy cards in the post below. I then used a scallop circle Spellbinder on the wax paper peices to cut them out. I added these scallop circles into the baby card layers just as if they were a vellum layer. They were more fragile than vellum would have been at this point due to the embossing. But I think if I had used a thicker grade wax paper in the beginning for the wax resist Batik process, these pieces would have help up even better. Either way, I was glad to put them to use --instead of into the trash can. As it is, they are perfect for greeting card use.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle--especially when it is something lovely like these pieces!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sympathy Card Swap- DONE!


Doesn't it feel great to get something creative done? I made 19 sympathy cards today pretty much all identical. Just a slight ribbon change for the last three. Otherwise, I used Copic markers, one of my daughter's sketches (photocopied to multiply the quantity), and a set of my Spellbinders. I am drooling over this card background technique!

I was also super excited to incorporate a NEW technique (to me.) Wax paper resist on glossy photo paper with Distress Inks by Tim Holtz! I had the wax paper. I had a craft iron. And I had the 4x6 HP photo paper by the bagful! I have several Sizzix embossing folders. And of course big Tim Holtz fan that I am, I had the ink! It worked so well. I love the delicate distressed look it gives my card backgrounds! The bonus is that I even plan to use the remaining "used" sheets of embossed wax paper itself on baby cards for next month's Baby card swap! No way am I wasting such a beautiful embossed vellum-like leftover! (Don't worry I will post those when done as well so you can see.) :)

Here is a tutorial I wrote up about the process. I bet you have all the stuff you need in your house right now!

Embossing Folder Wax Paper Resist Technique - *Kathleen Aho

1. Cut regular wax paper to fit embossing folder.

2. Run wax paper through inside the folder just as you would for cardstock to emboss it in your choice of machine.

3. Place glossy 4x6 photo paper shiny side up on a heat proof surface or very firm ironing board. I used a wooden table and my silicone/teflon heat proof craft mat. Place embossed wax paper with it's raised surface facing down on the glossy photo paper.

4. Place one piece of scrap white cardstock on top as a "pressing cloth" to protect your crafting iron from wax and gloss finishes. Press 5-8 seconds on low iron setting heat or until the wax transfers to the photo paper. Keep your iron moving. You can see the wax pattern on the photo paper when you hold it up and turn it in the light. Set aside used wax papers since they can only be ironed once.

5. Use Tim Holtz Distress Ink to color the glossy paper to any color your prefer. The deeper you ink it, the more the wax resist shows off the pattern. Wipe off any streaks with a paper towel.

Uneven coverage is part of the Distress charm! Don’t try to be perfect.

6. Create your own delicate distress backgrounds, accent backings, and photo or journal mats. I used mine as card backings here. Who knew embossing folders could be 'reversed' in this way for such versatility? I thank those smart gals over on Splitcoaststampers for the concept!


Craft teflon mat or ironing board

crafting iron (any household iron that is no longer used for clothing so it is ok to get it "dirty")

Embossing folder shown here: Sizzix #6 Christmas Set --but any will work!

any Big Kick, Cuttlebug, Wizard, Texture Boutique or Big Shot rolling die cutting and embossing machine

Distress Ink used: Tim Holtz Broken China blue. Try lots of colors --or several on one piece!

Photo paper: 4x6 HP (any standard photo paper will work.)

Wax paper: I used grocery store HyVee brand --but any will do!

navy blue 1/4 inch chiffon ribbon

mini white brads

Copic markers

Spellbinders: bracket from Nestabilities

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crafting Project 365

I just read about this today in the Simple Times newsletter and also here

Apparently it has been going on a few years now. Challenge yourself to do ONE crafty thing each day from your "projects to do" list. So far in 2011 I have actually managed to do this by default because it was important to me to really get moving this year --and keep moving--on my goals one by one.

I am genuinely excited to do this Crafting 365 Challenge as well as the sister challenge Photo Project 365 which is to take a photo each day. I have been keeping up on that. It's hard, but I have been doing it! I have a folder on my computer for my digital photo uploads.

Each week I should update the craft projects completed here. A sort of accountability, right?
Here is my month so far. Think I can keep this up?

Jan 1-8
gift clean up, daughters room cleanup, closet sort, wrapping paper organization, work class boxes emptied, page kit making (20) for wedding albums, lecture planning 2011, card samples x 6 for store, breadmaking

Jan 8-15
cheesy ham soup dinner, 70 wedding album x 3 pages which is about 10-12 pages each day for 7 days -still a few more sets to do but I got the bulk done this week., cleaned out 284 emails from SENT box.

Jan 15-22
web blog update and new header design, bedroom organization, card swap Jan Copic colored sympathy cards, more wedding pages (10), Seven baskets of laundry folded. I know that is not crafty but hey it had to be done and I feel the need to pat myself on the back for it. LOL, taught class x 4, got in touch with an old friend, altered the sleeves on SiL's coat.

Jan 22-29 sorted kitchen food cabinets, organized spice racks, grocery shopping, wrote genealogy notes for class lecture, made Hershey slider valentine prototype, designed Feb geneo layout for store, taught class x 2, wrote 2 letters to Ireland for info on one branch of my family, trip to donate to Savers, trip to donate to food bank. Add in there 20 single page kits for work, 20 double page kits for work, and 12 pages for my daughters book.

Also I headed to the new Trader Joes in town for groceries. (I have never been to one before and it seems kind of creative to me. It stretched my mind about food for sure!)

So far so good.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Just sitting...

Just sitting here in my favorite old chair listening to Josh's new cd and waiting for the day to get moving. My husband has gone ice fishing bright and early. So bright and early that this light sleeper (me) didn't even hear him head out the door. Cinnamon rolls are almost done baking in anticipation of my daughter and her visiting friend getting up soon. Her friend has come down from the crisp cold northwoods near International Falls, MN to help her with some fun wedding plans and projects. Such a happy sound yesterday to hear these two girls kibitzing. :)

It's quiet now though. It is so nice to just sit here and relax after the past weeks of hustle and bustle. Oh we love those too. Christmas is my favorite holiday. New Years is full of promise and goals and change. I have time to think and then to do. Why even this morning I actually dusted my keyboard! I would not have had time for that last month! LOL

Remember to take time for you. It is the best reward.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Out of the packet and into an album!

January is Get Organized month on Scrapperschallenge and we want you to GET BUSY and get organized. Starting with your photo backlog....

Let's face facts. Everyone is basically "behind" their scrapbooking from where they would like to be. We know that. LOL We very rarely hear of someone who is all caught up to wherever they would like to be. I am not about problems. I am about solutions to problems. If your backlog of photos is bugging you then let's do something solid about it. Lets think of ways to get your wonderful event and family photos out of storage boxes and developers paper packets into ALBUMS!

Have you considered speeding yourself along with these types of sleeve pages/protectors? They are made by a couple companies but these shown are from We R Memory Keepers

They are even on sale right now HERE! Good deal!

We advocated using these in 2006 with our Unit by Unit challenge. I think Ali Edwards? shared the general idea a few years ago in some narrower 2 up and 3 up albums. No nonsense and speedy. Some people thought it was 'cheating'. I think it is a solution to a dilema for many people!

I like to keep my albums 12x12 so I prefer the protectors shown rather than smaller albums with slip in sleeves but hey go for what YOU like! You can do a WHOLE ALBUM with these divided protectors by using the long slots for your titles on cardstock or by reserving one of the 4x6 photo squares for a title, some journaling or for themed accent pieces. You can still use up some of your stash when making these speedy albums.

I did save time recently with my daughter's travel album to Germany and Switzerland by inserting a few of these pages right in with my "real" scrapbook pages. She and her fiance' had taken literally dozens and dozens of marble statue pics at a museum. I just chose 24 photos that showcased different styles of statues and then used 2 of these six-on-a-page-and six-more-on-the-back protector sheets to showcase those 24 photos. I did not have to spend tons of time making up to 7 standard pages for them. I saved myself HOURS! Yet, she can still see, share, and enjoy them in the chronological context of the rest of her trip album!

Using this kind of protector page to make an entire album in a 12x12 binder will save you days of scrapbooking time. Literally hundreds of hours ....and allow you to get your photos into a viewable, enjoyable format! You can then use this binder album to store those photos for as long as you like without ever making a "real" page. However most of us want to have "real" cardstock and accent pages too. Feel free to add those as you like as often as you have time for. But start here!

What a relief to simply have your photos safe. It is fast and viewable and still scrapbooked to whatever level YOU have time for and enjoy! You could get all your developed photos into albums in just a few months this way. No more backlog. You decide if you want a 12x12 layout or two at the beginning of each event or section as a introduction to that unit. You can have the best of both worlds --and no more stress!

This is the year to actually get it done! Change your thinking about SHOULD and get on with ENJOY!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Scrapper's Challenge: a Goal a Month for 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you and I hope you will enjoy this year 2011 here at
My All and over at Scrapperschallenge!

We will be setting our own scrapping goals this year--one per month! You determine what you really need to work on and then YOU make it happen! We will show you how --and encourage you onward too!

We will still have the Club for recording our page creations in 2011! We always and continually want you to try to get more pages done!

Plus, I am going to post some monthly IDEAS for your organization goals on the Scrapper's Challenge yahoogroup if you don't have any set ones yet. This is either to give you ideas or certainly you can use these! I will be posting ideas for each monthly goal throughout that month and hopefully it will help you keep on track!

JANUARY- Planning and your Photos and Digital photo files-so you can get a grip on WHAT you want to do and how much of it you really have time for. Also layout sketches and great sites for those so you can plan.

FEBRUARY- Accents and embellishments- Sort these next so you know what you own and what you have to work with thru the year on the pages and kits you are going to make. Do PURGE the ones you don't really like or don't really need anymore. You need the peace of mind and the space more than you need a bad swap or clearance item from 2001.

MARCH- Paper. Both cardstock and patterned. How to sort it. How to use it in new ways. How to share the pieces you loath from that slab pack... LOL How to get a handle on sorting it all so you can USE it and find it fast.

APRIL- Tool Centers and the tools in them.... Plan your workspace so it WORKS for you.

MAY- Lumpy Embellishments --Oh we all have them! I love mine for all the texture they bring to a page. Let's use them and store them so we can find them! Oh and by the way how many eyelets do YOU need in 2011? *(cough)* How many yards of ribbon/fiber is too much?

JUNE- Page Kits ...Learn the true secret to my success and productivity! How did I make a 98 page 12x12 Germany album, three 12x12 wedding 30 page albums, a 56 page 12x12 childhood album, AND hundreds of other 12x12 pages ALL in 2010????

JULY- Christmas in July -Get planning and moving on those holiday goals BEFORE you have to panic. Look at what you have TONS of and make projects accordingly! We'll show you how.

AUGUST- Journaling It's time to Get er Done. AND do it in fun creative ways!

SEPT - Pages into books month- loose pages get damaged and lost. Get your pages DONE and get them actually sorted into the albums they go into!

OCT Scraps and Stamps and Cardmaking!

NOV- FAMILY HISTORY -how to do it and some great sites for it.

DEC Holiday Projects- Gifts and papercrafting to give.