Thursday, July 08, 2010

Three at Once!

Making Page Kits come Alive!

Make your page kits into pages!

Some people get stumped after they pack their page kits up. How to take them from photos and pieces into completed pages? I am doing this three at a time in my wedding album project. Here is how I go about it.... I hope it helps speed up the process while you still retain some creative license while working.

To recap, my lovely daughter is getting married in a year to an incredible guy. I am making an album for them, one for myself, and one for the in-laws to be. I am basically making three identical blank page albums with 2 page layout sets for each of 30 wedding day themes. She will add her wedding photos to them in a year--after the wedding. For now, there are no pics but I can make the album layout pages --and just leave the photo mats on the pages blank.

This example of how I take supplies from my kits and get a completed pages for the batchelor party layout below.

KIT: This kit page had a 3 base pages of the chocolate brown scallop paper (American Crafts I think) and a blue and black party sticker set. I also had two sheets of solid royal blue watercolor wash paper and from my stash also was a single sheet of Provo Craft blue circle and squares printed paper with a nice festive yet masculine feel to it. That last two papers were from a PC paper slab. I just used one 6x6 piece of each of those slab papers on each of the three pages for color. You can't see in the photo the plain blue paper very well in the photo at bottom here--but it is in the lower left corner and has a blue ribbon also tied around it.

USE WHAT YOU HAVE. Don't be afraid to alter items, create your own embellishments, and be flexible. TRUST your creative side. It will all work out. Sometimes I work from sketches but this time I did not. Do whatever works for you.

Keep in mind that since I was making three pages I needed to be sure I had three same as often as possible for the papers I cut up/out. (Three blue 6x6 mats, three pattern paper mats, three big metal flowers, three accent cards, three small metal flowers, three pices of ribbon, etc) My metal flowers may not be all the same exact blue color but they were blues and the same size scale.

Remember I am not trying to completely fill the page up with "stuff". I am just making a base background layout page. I used the stickers on white card stock to create my own accent pieces. I also matted them in blue.

NOTE! I used the blue and black party sticker sheet to make my own bachelor party accent embellishments times three. Not all the three party accent pieces are the same. Be creative and flexible. When making embellishments, try to include at least one graphic, one word element, and one extra item to each accent card. Mat that accent card to giveit added body and dimension. It is a overall look you are going for....not identicality. See how different my party accent cards are above from each other yet they serve the same purpose?

I then go on to design and make the 2nd page in this two-page layout set. Again I used the AC scallop chocolate brown paper because I have a ton of it. I add some metal flowers and ribbon. I create this layout format times 3 --keeping in mind they don't have to be perfectly identical. I want to use my stickers up so I am making the embellishments with stickers onto white cardstock bases with blue mats. (see upper left below)

Here is how the final two page layout looks. In less than 2 hours I have made six Bachelor Party pages in the wedding color scheme using stash and page kits! No photos yet, but there is plenty of room for any sized photo here as well as several smaller ones if I choose. I could put a 5x7 or an 8x10 easily on the right page --or many 4x6's or 3x5's. On the left page I could go with two 4x4's or 8 1.75 squares. Maybe i could even place a 5x7 on the white/circle mat and a 2x4 tall on the blue. I left plenty of open space to play with.

Have fun with it and use up your stash! Enjoy the process. :)