Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Project Goals Recap and Roundup!

How did we do in January? Did you make any goals? What have you done day to day to make them come true? Did you start out strong and then peter out a bit mid month?? Or are you still determined?

My goal is to get items out of my shelves and into the "completed" stack for gift giving next year.
I am determined to use what I have. And it is quite a list of TO DOs but it is a manageable one if I keep at it.

Rock's January goals: No plastic bags with items from past shopping trips lingering here or there. No more Goodwill items to be altered sitting over there in the corner....No more half finished greeting card packs. First get a grip on knowing what i have again and where it is at. That makes a plan easier to make and to schedule projects.

Rock's January action: I have made a start by going all through my studio and getting the items back into categories and filing tools and supply items where they belong. I have about one grocery sack full yet to do.

Next I am in the process of making a master TO DO list for the yearly goals and gifts. I don't know if I will get them all done but if I don't start, I won't even get half of them done. The list so far for 2010 includes:

Quilting and Sewing:
Are you ready for this? LOL :)

*Done* Bridesmaid bodice and hem dress alterations for a friend in a wedding scheduled for late Feb..

I have one quilt almost identical to this quilt shown above that is 90% done as a queen size. Just have to finish one row and then quilt it or send it for quilting. What am I waiting for?

a Pleated log cabin wall hanging size like this seen on this blog from scratch

Fabric Fling string quilted wall hanging/lap quilt seen here from scratch

this Melly Me Hopscotch tote bag for me

and this backpack

and the fat quarters will be made into things from this book as i like paper piecing quilting--probably potholders!

and pillowcases for us and for charity from this pattern

and a tri panel meandered quilting wall hanging for dear daughter that I can't find a pic of online.

My stash is not so huge compared to many I have seen . I only have about nine 5x6x9 small plastic baskets of fat quarters sorted by color to use up! I do plan to use it up. Hoping 2010 is the year to get moving on at least two or three of these bigger projects.

Finish 6 pages on son's wedding album. People gave me more photos 1 1/2 yrs after the event. LOL Doesn't that always happen when you think you are 'done' with something?

Create 8 more pages in a Germany travel 2007 album for my son.

*Done* Daughter's book for Germany 2010 is done. (Check that one off for January!!)

Make card packets and card kits for friends. This comes in handy for gifts all year long. I have already made and given 6 card kits sets to a friend so she can work on them at Walter Reed Med Hospt. in Washington DC at her son's bedside. Portable and creative and a good distraction for her. All she needs to make the cards is adhesive and a tiny chalk ink and about a foot of workspace. Will continue to make more each month for her. (Mission accomplished for Jan.)

*Done* Find at least 30 items for our local scrapbook store garage sale in late Feb. (Easy to do! now all are also tagged!) Still looking in Feb for more as I go...

Place all 2009 loose pages into 12x12 albums. I needed 4 albums for this and have 3 purchased. Now to buy just one more! (Will buy that last one in Feb) I make so many pages that I need lots of albums in a year! LOL This is good right? At least the pages are DONE!

Decoupage/mod podge gift items: I have 13 items here to do. Tissue box covers, clipboards, chipboard books, notepad holders, compo books, wooden trays, photo frames, etc. Will do all those the same week as it is messy and needs space to dry--but it's fun! Need to buy a little more Mod Podge in Feb.

This list may look long, but I am sure this is only a partial list of my 2010 project goals. I bet I will discover even more projects as I go along in that studio. Or my inspirations will prompt me to do even more with what I have on hand.... But you get the idea of how this process can be done.
Here is how you can do the same:


Turn your mental 'reward system' away from the exhilaration of starting things--and the high of shopping-- toward actually your finishing things. This is very important.

1. Analyse and look at what you really want to have happen in 2010. Stick to the crafting projects you ALREADY have in the house. Let's work on finishing all those projects or using up some of those items you already have so these can turn into gifts for the holidays 2010 --or for charity.

2. Clear up your workspace quickly. Then you can see what you have to work with and what you need to purchase in order to meet your goals. You will discover hidden treasures too that you have forgotten about!

3. Buy what you need and nothing more. Make a list. Think about what you have on hand too and see if it can be repurposed or think of your stash in new ways so you buy less. A recovered shoe box will hold your glues just as well as a $20 bin. etc. Tie your fat quarters up with your ribbon stash by color family and save yourself buying an organizer by stashing them in a large wicker basket.

4. Put like items together. This makes it more manageable to grab just one type of project and work like the dickens on that. Each of my quilt projects is in its OWN box or bin or basket. I can grab just that and work on it until it is done. I don't have to tear apart the whole studio for each project.

5. Make a quick list like I did here of those projects that you already have started or have all the supplies to do. Past convention projects, store kits, online classes, fabric kits or knitting kits--whatever! Make a rough list. I am sure you have enough to do this year without splurging on even more "just had to have its."

6. After you make the list, then cross off 3 or 4 crafts or more that you really don't want to do at all. Save your craft time for the activities you LOVE. Give those other 'not your style' parcels of supplies directly to charity --undone. No guilt. Get them OUT of the house.

7. Start working with what is immediate for FEB. If you have a Valentine item, birthday gift or a charity item to get done in FEB, do that right away and get it off your list and off your mind.

Let's go gals! Be productive in 2010. I am diggin' in right there beside you! You can see I have a lot to do myself! (Plus run this loop and live the rest of my real life! LOL) But I am determined to make the best use of my time that I can. :) Hope you will too.