Monday, September 29, 2008

Closet Monsters Unleashed!

Do you have a messy clothing closet? Would you like to learn how to tame it?

How BAD is it? :) Send me your ONE photo of your clothing closet as a messy-mess. Send it to me at

with CLOSET MONSTER UNLEASHED contest in the subject line.

ONE lucky person will win the following book:

Some of the closet pics will be posted here without names.

I will RANDOMLY pick the winner on the scary holiday (because those closets are scary too!) on October 31st, 2008. So pass this on to your friends if you don't mind the competition. :)

Unleash that Closet Monster in your wardrobe area and win a truly helpful book on Halloween!

Remember--just ONE pic so make it good.

Good luck

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's Super Fling Boogie Decluttering Time! Let's kick some bootie here....kick it to the curb I mean!

Dig in and REALLY declutter your home.

Gather up all that junk....

Flylady says it's time for her:

"Super Fling Boogie Meter!!

Every few months we have what is called a Super Fling Boogie, we all
as a collective group around the world, rev up our engines and commit
to spending 15 minutes a day getting rid of the clutter in our
homes.The Super Fling Boogie will start on September 22nd in Zone 4
(The Master Bedroom) and we will go through all of the zones/rooms in
the home!!

To make this fun we have a pound meter set up below, we ask that
everyone either weigh or guesstimate the weight of what you get out of
your house. It could be trash, recycling or give away. If it leaves
your house, it counts as pounds tossed out of your home.

The meter will be up at
on Monday the 22nd!!!"

Over on Scrapperschallenge we will also be keeping track of how much
you FLING in the Boogie this fall! Here is the poll where YOU can
register how many sacks you got rid of during the Boogie. (Think in
terms of paper grocery sacks or ten gallon kitchen trash bags)

Here's how to get the job done if you need some straight forward tips

Lets do some fall cleanup so it is OFF our minds.

What have you gotten rid of this week?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Room Review Lisa R


Yeah! We have another room review for you. Here is Lisa's room BEFORE and what she had to say.

"Since my son moved out, I 'flipped' his room into my 'new' scrapbook room....
"I've been so danged busy organizing! LOL! I have still a lot
to organize. Some of those pictures, like the closet picture, the stuff is out
of the closet(as well as out from next to the dresser)so that's empty now and
I've placed some totes inside the closet with the vacuum. So that's better now."

Lisa took her room from Before (see above) when she couldn't even walk into the doorway to completely empty (see below)

to organized the best way she felt it would go (see below)
What a wonderful improvement. Kudos and Congrats to Lisa for all her hard work. I think she did most of it in about a week too. I know she was very excited as it all started to come together for her. Here is what she had to say,

".... OMG, I feel SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE!!!! I still have LOTS of 'internal' organizing to
do but for the most part, 99.9% of the stuff, I know what's what, and exactly
where it's at! Let me know what you think. Comments are ALWAYS appreciated!"

Lisa must be one determined and brave gal because she then asked ME to review her room for her and see if we could fine-tune it a bit more. Well you don't have to ask me twice to help someone get organized! So here we go. Let's take a closer look at Lisa's stations and areas for her scrapbooking. I see a few things we can still tweek a bit to help her get even more productive and FIND her items even more quickly as she works.

As we enter the room, I believe this is the scene to our left. My impression here is that you can still put away a few more items. Clear that desk. Put away work towels, pens, tools every time you use them. It looks like a bottle of olive oil and a container of wet wipes are on the table, a box on the floor and a t shirt hanging from the curtains. :) Decide if you like the curtains open or shut and keep them that way. You have mini blinds for privacy so I say keep the blue drapes all the way open. If you can, place that black circle fan down on the floor. It will circulate the cool air around more effectively at a low point than up near the 'hot air rises' ceiling. If you have any small children then go ahead and keep the fan up higher as it is. Cushions on the chair looks comfy. Here is a shot of this same area from another angle.This photo looks a little neater. However, your actual workspace on this desk is very small. Move those totes or carriers off the workspace and up onto the pen holder box where the fan sits now. You need elbow room and 12-14 inches isn't much depth when scrapping. You do have more wall space in front of this desk area so lets go UP and use it. And a closer look at the back of the left wall brings us to the paper stackers and the tall white modular units. This area looks fabulous except I think maybe that highest tower of boxes might be a littl to high up. Make sure everything is secure and safe.

Lisa says,
"With my stamps, what my hubby is going to do is make a stamp shelf for me. But
since he hasn't done it yet, stamps remain in the containers which I hate
because finding them is pure hell! LOL! He's going to make me this stamp shelf.
It will look like framed corkboard with shelves for the stamps. Then instead of
laying each stamp 'flat'(facing forward to where you see the entire stamp), he's
going to put 'slats' on the shelves. This way you can slide the stamps inside
the slats to hold more like a bookshelf type of thing. I will then be able to
have all my Christmas stamps in one section of the shelf, birthday in another
etc. What do you think of that idea?"

My only tip here is to label things more completely. Who knows when Lisa's hubby will have time to make those shelves? In the meantime, get out of 'stamp hell' by labeling. In the close ups I see many boxes marked "Adhesives" and several marked "Stamps" with no further sub category. Be more specific on those big boxes of supplies and you will save yourself time. Are they fall stamps, winter stamps, florals, or wording stamps? Are the adhesives runners, dots, or wet glues? More complete labels will break it down so you can find things even faster.

Here is what Lisa shared about her paper storage with me:
"As for the paper, dang, I ran out of room. lol So I had to do the best I could but I would love to know your advice. I like it when you give me the advice with the picture because I'm very visual. That's why I chose blog room review. :) Still extremely busy. Taking baby steps! LOL! ""

I love these modular units. You have done a great job on the horizontal wire paper storage and vertical white modular here. You still have slots on the wire rack so you have room to grow. If you later have more paper than you have stackers, get more of the wire cubes and add to that horizontal storage. On the white modular units, I do notice that the drawers at the bottom are NOT labeled at all in the little silver slots. Be sure to do that!

Moving across the far back of the room we have another window wall. More T shirts as decor?? Not sure why? But if you want to display a t shirt, put it on a special hanger and hang it on the wall space. Again on the curtains, open up the blue ones to the sides for looks and let the white miniblind be the privacy screen. The aliens scare me a bit (haha) but I see they are really an online friend group --so no worries. LOL

Your Sizzix and die cutting station looks pretty good. Bravo!! Love the Taz. :)
Lisa concludes:

"I'm soooooooo excited to go scrap! I just have way too many other things to do
first! LOL! Such as now cleaning my patio...whew! Never me know
what you think! :) I tried to organize them in order..... Love Lisa "

Lisa, I am excited for you too!
I hope you get a lot of gratifying and creative work done in here. I think you have made fabulous progress between the BEFORE and the AFTER. Keep going, put things away each day, and Happy Scrapping!!!


Shutterfly link to Lisa'a original 64 pics

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Keep the Best; Decrease the Rest

Keep what is working for your storage needs. Eliminate what is not.Here is how to keep your home organization and scrapbook workspace decluttering manageable.

  1. Commit to it. Every change starts with commitment. If you don’t have a way to mentally keep yourself on track for any organization project, write it down. Something as simple as “YES I WILL!” note to self hanging on the bathroom mirror will help you keep going when organizing the bathroom cabinets.Cheer yourself on with post it notes.

  1. Start with something manageable. Projects take time but don’t bite off too much at once. Peter Walsh says 30 minutes. Flylady says 15 minutes. Julia Morgenstern says 10 minutes. I am not sure I honestly keep my work sessions that tiny. But the idea of making things more manageable in smaller time slots is sensible. No one likes to have to stop in the middle of clearing a dresser or filing life insurance papers away. You like to have a start point and a stop point and then pat yourself on the back. And it is vital that you DO pat yourself on the back. So keep things manageable. Go for less than 30 minutes per task if you can.

  1. Put “Sentiment” in it’s place. What do "things" mean to you? Objects often go beyond any usefulness and grow to remind you of people and events. Try to disengage the sentiment from the object--especially if you don’t care for the object! If a decor item or tool is not serving any purpose and you don’t care for it, it’s ok to let go. Love the giver; give away the item. Take photos of gifts you no longer want to keep and journal why they and the giver are special. But don’t keep the item if it is just taking up space you need for more important things. The only exceptions are family heirlooms and precious items from people who are deceased. Of course, think twice about trashing those. Many of the objects in our homes have nothing to do with being an heirloom.

  1. Keep the best. Eliminate the rest. Give yourself some guidelines here. Traditional décor means you keep real glass, real metal, real stone, real wood, real cotton or linen, and real pottery objects. Plastic chatchkies don’t really ‘go’ with country and traditional. Modern 21st century décor allows more for plastic, chrome veneers, laminates, and polyester or rayon. What’s your style? Get in touch with it and KEEP TRUE to it when sorting. Deciding between a plastic soap dish and a ceramic one should be easy if you know your style.

  1. Revisit. Come back in 6 months or a year and do it all again. Time after time you will refine your style. Your belongings will truly reflect your taste after a few rounds of this. If you whittle out 1 item in 5 each time you are deleting 20% of each category. That means you are also INCREASING your household space by 20% every 6 months. Who needs to move to a bigger home? Not me!

C* 2008 By Kathleen Aho, "Rockester