Friday, November 03, 2006

November challenge: SCRAPS and CARDMAKING

Look at the differnet cards you can make! Use your scraps up this month! Photo by

Want to get a grip on all those scraps? Want some ideas for how to use
them up?
Would you like to give cards as gifts for the holidays or simply send
some homemade cards for once at LOW COST using up some of your stash?

Our November challenge on this loop (completely optional in case you are
new) is cardmaking with a highlight on using our scraps and odd
embellishments up!
So if you have a stack of 'somewhat boring' 8.5x11 cardstock, a file of
scrap papers (or 3 files or 10!!) and a bunch of embellishments.....lets
do it!
Sign up to do this challenge here
Just vote to join in the fun and you will be eligable for a prize at the
end of the challenge worth over $25. Participate and win!

Well, let's get it started in here! Make 20 or more cards this
month....some of you can do this in one day...I know you can! Making
more and more cards is certainly allowed too. It is great in fact! Then
you have even more cards to give as gifts during the holidays. :)

Grab those scraps and the first thing you should do is sort them by
color into an organizational sytstem of your choice....drawers,ccordian
files, hanging folders, zip lock bags, page protectors in a binder....I
don't mind what you use....just sort those scraps so that when we post
ideas you are ready to rumble! Ideas will be posted on the blog at the
link below as the challenge progresses. Our first set of links and ideas
for cards will be up friday and you can always go back to the blog to
see past posts for this challenge.
Start SCRAP-ing!

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