Saturday, November 04, 2006


(artwork by tia bennet for the susan komen foundation)

Today I was waiting for my daughter and her friend to get up from a very fun but very exhausting sleepover here at the house. I don't generally get up early on a sat. morning but hubby went fishing and I wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep so I made pancakes and bacon and chocolate milk and went to the laptop. Browsing blogs I see that a fellow scrapper webfriend Shel of my online friend kelly has just been diagnosed with a aggressive breast cancer. And she has two small children. I sincerely wish Shel the best even though she doesn't know me at all. Do what you can to support foundations that fight this disease like The Koman Foundation.

That brought to mind my own mom and her fight two years ago with the same illness. My mother was very fortunate. Early (but shocking) diagnosis and fast Mayo Clinic treatment (lumpectomy) along with radiation when she got back to the west coast helped my Mom. But you know it is not always so quick and easy. Do what you can. Check often, be healthy.

Another wonderful scrapbooker Tia Bennet has designed these items to help Shel's fight. Take a look.

I got this hoodie....and I will pray for Shel's future when I wear it...

.....and think of my mom with thankfulness for the extra time we have together.

Be thankful for those wonderful women in your life. :) Make it a priority.

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