Monday, December 04, 2006

Scrappers Challenge Design Team Members: CONGRATS!

I am so very happy to present the listing of the Scrappers Challenge Design Team! Here they are...ready and willing to help make Scrapperschallenge even more inspirational and vibrant. They are such a wonderful, gifted and enthusiastic bunch. I love them already!

In no particular order: Here are the 24 winners!
Rebecca Murman
Sherin Miller
Geri Brown
Fran Kawakami
Faith Malazarte
Carolyn Winslow
Carrie Romero
Laura Weber
Kathyrn Stapleman
Allie Gower
Jennifer Roth
Cathy Lucas
Carol Paskovitch
Christina Castellano
Dianne Nelson
Jo-Anne Price
Kiria Martinez
Chelle Perry
Melanie Harris
Karen Bodie
Laura Roberts
Julie Van Der Pol
Gretchen Edwards
Dorothy McCarthy
Debbie (d10d7)
Dawn B



Rockester said...

Thank you all for entering and taking time to make our great loop even better! You gals are all awesome!

Dorothy said...

Thanks Rock!
I hope I won't let ya down. I have some photos ready to send your way. I just need to get one more thing done.
Thanks again!

Gretchyn said...

WAHOO! Thanks, Rock -- I am so looking forward to this. :)


melanie harris said...

Im looking forward to this too.

Looking forward to working with you anf the other DT girls.

Pam Tremble said...

Congratulations to all! Especially my buddies Julie and Gretchyn! Can't wait to see what you gals create!