Sunday, January 28, 2007

Circle Cutter Users! Win this! Free blades!

I have three FREE circle cutter BLADES to give away today! (The little orange part to the far right of this photo)
I no longer have this tool but came across a fresh set of blades. If you have one, comment here and I will choose a winner!! FREE!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rock. I have a Fiskars circle cutter and can always use some more blades! LOL Thanks for all you share with us. You have really helped me streamline my scrapping experience.


thefefifauxfumgirl said...

Rock....I have become a much better person and wife because of hearing your advice and comments. I really appreciate all your help when I needed it.

Thanks for offering the free blades. I could really use them.


Shawn said...

Hi, just a lurker here. But I sure do appreciate all the advice you give here and even put some of it to use myself!
Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rock...I could always use extra blades.....Thanks for everything you do......between you and Flylady, I have learned so much, but I am still trying to get totally organized!!