Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sock it to Me Rock: Ann's room

Oh we have another brave soul named Ann who is courageous enough to ask for scrapbook area advice!! Thanks for sending your photos in Ann!

Here is what I see.

I love all the wire basketry and cubboard to the left. I would just say clear the clutter from all areas and label those baskets. Some things don't look like they belong- are those pompoms? If it belongs in another part of the house, take it away. You need these white open cabinets to be functional and clean looking because they are OPEN to the eye. If they are too crowded, our eyes notice! Also consider raising the bulletin board up about a foot and center it on that wall so it is truly inspirational and VISIBLE.

I love the artwork and your desk seems fairly clear. Great job.

This antique cover for the Cricut you have hiding underneath it is genius! Love antiques put to new uses in our studios!

This shot shows the Cricut uncovered on the same desk. Empty that trash :) And clear more clutter off the right side of the desk. You have a lot of stuff over there just stashed. Or move the photos up onto the wall so the tabletop is less cluttered.

Above: Your scrap drawer looks good. Sorting by color is great for finding what you want fast!

You mentioned having stamps in more than one drawer and place. Why not find a bigger drawer or different spot where they can all be together? I noticed this in a different photo also that you had the same problem with your adhesives being in two or three spots. Keep them together for simple 'put away'.

The top of the far right hand drawer unit has a couple photos on it and I would place those on the wall for better viewing and then move that green tote with tools over to the top of the drawer unit. This would leave you even more space on the desk unless these tools are used daily.

Above: I see fibers all messy hiding in the back here! Huuuhhhuummm! :) Figure out a system that shows them of and is still easy for retrieval. The back bottom of a bottom drawer is not the prettiest place in the studio to keep such a lovely supply!

Page kits look great but I see more adhesives (glue dots?) or inks tucked here and there.

This is the ahdesive drawer. Round 'em up!

More stamps. more glue (mod podge) Remember to catagorize and store by catagory when possible.

Love love love the undercabinet lighting. Bravo!

I might have to renig on that last BRAVO if the inside of all your cabinets look like this. LOL Un-tilt those books, place the lovely photo boxes and the pretty green "S" box where we can see them. ALways place nice containers out and stow less desirable looking plastics out of sight when possible. Your pretty items can go out on the cubboards seen in pic 1 and make sure the clutter is not just hiding....Make sure everything inside the cabinets is worth saving. Are you stashing stuff in here to sort later? Make sure the insides of cubbies look good too.

Overall you have a great space. Just clear it up and tweek it so the cute stuff shows and the clutter is gone. :)
Hope this helps!

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