Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cricut Cover

Please note that this is not a pattern I have created myself or have made yet. I am just passing the info on. (Questions and credits go to Cheryl Himmel--See source at bottome of post)

Cricut Dust Cover
Here are the instructions courtesy of Cheryl Himmel of the Scrapperschallenge member group.
She says: "I did not originate these instructions. They were sent to me via snail mail by another member of the group. I have made several covers for myself and friends using different variations of these instructions.
There are two pattern pieces included. The main piece is a rectangle (15 X 22) that you should be able to cut without a pattern.I can't believe the response I received for these instructions.
Please feel free to contact Cheryl Himmel if you have any questions regarding the construction."


emile26 said...
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10345753 said...
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Anonymous said...

wow thanks have been looking for this. I wanted one but I wanted to use my own fabric. Thanks again Jbaumer2

Cathleen said...

This is great. Do you have the directions on how it goes together?

BoxerBrats said...

Thank you for posting this! I had been looking for a pattern, and I was just about to give up and make my own.

Thanks again~


Birdnest Creations said...

Thanks. Do you happen to have one for the express size cutter?

Anonymous said...

Is this pattern for the little cricut or the expression? Thanks so much.

BB Godfrey said...

I can't see the instructions. Am I missing something?