Monday, February 26, 2007

SWEET TEEN and SWEET BABY ordering info

Want to order a SWEET TEEN DOLL?

Great! Just reply to this email questionaire along with an attachment photo of the child in jpg form for each of the layout sets that you want to order.

We make the 212x12 sized page layouts with a doll included but without photos and you add your own photos later.

We will be happy to start it right away for you. Each layout set is a 12x12 finished 2 page set can be ordered for a baby, toddler, or teen and is $12.00 plus $4.20 Priority USPS shipping.

Brides are $15.00 Add $4.20 Priority Mail. And if you want more than one, we do combined shipping up to 6 single pages or 3 two-page sets in one box for that same shipping of $4.20.

Make Paypal payments please to either email or to Kathleen Aho.
We will start your sets after payment is made because they are custom work and not really sellable to any other customer.

Thanks so much for the interest. Be sure to email us one photo that you want us to use for matching face and hair or specific clothing asap and we will get right on these. '

Be sure to note if you want the exact clothing the child has on in the photo to be immitated on the doll.

Please reply in the body of email reply to each question.

Order number 1:
(two page layout set # 1)

Your Name:

Your email:

Your postal address:

Date you want them by? (Do you have a specific gift deadline like a birthday or christmas that you need them back by?)

Theme or prefered title of page set:

Do you like 3-dimensional embellishments or do you prefer flatter no-dimension pages?

Prefered color scheme or do you want us to choose?

Choose one: Sweet Baby, Sweet Toddler, Sweet Teen or Sweet Bride

Age of child

Sex of child

Name of child

Hair color:
multi toned or fiarly uniform hair color? (please mention if there are lots of highlights)

Hair texture: straight, wavy, or curly?

Hair length: short medium or long?

Eye color:

Skin tone: choose one: light pale peach, medium peach , light tan, dark tan, chocolate brown

.send this info to


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