Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sock it to Me Rock: Susanne's Room

Oh Yeah!
We have another "Sock it to Me Rock Room Review" to do. I love these. If you want me to do one, send me a pic or two. I will get to them as soon as I can--usually in about two weeks. Let's take a peek into Susanne's compact space and see what we can do to help her out.

The challenge in Susanne's space is to utilize her small upper level space despite the loss of headroom due to angled ceilings. We also want to give her some economical storage solutions that are sturdy and USEFUL.

Susanne, Here we go! I hope it helps and please send us a 'finished' photo if you decide to incorporate these tips!

Photo One: the Armoire and Work Table photo
I really like the fact that you are using a nice piece of furniture in this workspace. The storage capacity of the armoire is a great help. It lends a country elegance to the space. Combined with the craftsman era wooden chari and the wicker loveseat, I see right away a style to this room. Let's elaborate on that. Your baskets inside the armoire keep this theme going. I love the jars of pretty color (fiber?). I would add a few more baskets in there if you can to replace any remaining plastic bins. Especially if you keep those armoire doors open most of the time.

Tidy up all the shelves inside the cabinet and place like catagories together ...adhesives... cutters and trimmers...punches...brushes...pens... Use lovely vases or baskets whevever possible because they will show. And they will make you happy too! Be sure to check out the local Goodwill or secondhand stores or storage items....you will find something inexpensive of good quality if you look around a bit. Don't foget the top of that armoire for framed photos --or baskets of larger supplies. You could disguise boxes of alphabet dies or keep a big xyron out of site up there until needed.

The work desk/table. I was a little surprised to see a plastic table in with the wooden work chair and other wooden items in the room. If possible, find a nice old wooden desk or wooden plank top for this work desk. You can also have plexiglass top cut the size of the tabletop and lay it over a pretty piece of cloth or a collage of your pretty papers or posters or paper art on the desktop. Either way it would add a little color to the room as well. I like your baskets on the desk and that you keep it tidy.

I would put a divider basket on the desk so you don't have to dig so much in the green basket for things. Look in the silverware or picnic area for a nice divided basket meant for silverware supplies.

Scissors, pens rulers, staplers, hand lotion, Dymo Labelers and other taller supplies will fit it nicely.

Shorter supplies can fit nicely in a knife caddy like this. The handle and sturdy construction mean it will hold adhesives, punches, pens horizontally, bottles of buttons or metal items, and more tools!

Photo Two: the Paper Crafting area photo
The paper crafting areais one place I think we can improve. I believe this is sitting on a card table. I applaud that fact that you don't seem to have a huge stockpile of paper and supplies. But I am a little worried about the stability of this table. I do see the Cricut and having one myself I know they take a little room BEHIND them for the cutting pad to pop out the back when cutting. Can we move that lovely rustic barrel nearer this table (between the chair and card table?) and place the Cricut on there? That would give your Cricut lots of room all it's own to operate.

Move that cute white wicker basket on the floor at right up to the back of this table and pop in those two paper keepers and the scissor holder.You can still keep the Cricut pads and papers on the cardtable. this will give a uniformity of containers on this table. It will also open up a little more elbow room on the top of the cardtable for you to work or a friend to scrap with you.

As for your angled ceilings, use them for artwork, photos, and any flat inspirations like a french memo board.

You will have to secure them not only on top but also on bottom so they don't swing freely downward. But they will give your walls/ceilings some color and further purpose. Best of all they will free up your limited horizontal space. My only other suggestion is to add another card table or sturdier small table at this corner right near this cardtable in an L shape going into the farther space if it will fit. You will be freeing up floorspace with moving the barrel and white wicker floor basket so another little table should fit.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!
If any readers can think of more tips, please leave comments!! :)


Anonymous said...

I like that it seems to have a lot of space even though it's vertically challenged =). As far as the large plastic table goes, if you can find pretty matching tablecloths or fabric for both tables (I'm a big fan of the inexpensive vinyl/flannel backed ones)or one for the larger table that coordinates with one on the smaller one, and just use a blotting pad or piece of plexi for the area where you actually sit and work, that would give you the same effect and would also cover the edges of the table and part of the legs too.
Are there bookends on the paper holders? If not, that might be something to consider. If the barrel won't fit for the cricut, you could just pull it forward a bit and move the scissors over to the rear right hand corner of the table, there should still be enough room for the paper to come out of the back of the cricut. Then slide the wicker basket that is on the table back to where the scissors were. I think it would all fit and still give more space at the front of the table. If you happen to come across an old plant stand/table, that might also work very well and be more sturdy than a card table. Just a thought... My parents have one that has two levels and would have enough room for everything - and keep to the feel of the armoire. I don't think the links work, but I searched ebay for antique plant stand and then would try wood plant stand... you never know!
Nice room!
Lynne in MD

Rockester said...

Great tip Lynne! Good suggestions for more options. Rock