Friday, April 06, 2007

Sock it to Me Rock: Karen S's Room

Sock it to Me Rock: Karen S's Room: We have another room review for you this week!
Thank you to Karen S for being brave enough to take on the room review with me. I love helping our Scrapper's Challengers out with these reviews.
Here is my advice for Karen S in this room.

I like the openness of this room. I love that you have an inspirational art pieces on the walls and several work surfaces. You seem to keep a clear desk with most-used tools handy. Good job!

I would move the Ansel Adams art piece and the other two (lighthouse?) pictures from the photo below as well as the french board all into one area over your main workspace centralized inspiraton. Family photos and the seal poster can go over your secondary workspace for inspiration. Even out what is on the french board with the nothingness on the other bulletin board. :) Or better yet take down the empty board and place your family photos right there at eye level in frames on the wall. This will free up other wall space for perhaps the bear collection. (see below)

What I would change is having the plastic storage bins visible under the tables. Skirt off those tables with a nice fabric. Open some space up for your feet and knees under those tables i you sit at them to work. Move those pretty photo boxes UP onto a shelf were they are visible. I also see some "memorabilia drift" crawling up the walls. Ribbons, disney ornaments, poems, mardi gras beads, nametags, etc can go on a bulletin board..not just any spare nail.

I would move your super tall plastic towers right next to the bookcase. That will make it less 'sky scrapers' in the room. Same with the white units by the TV set below. More all the white plastics together and make them all same final height if you can. It will look more uniform (ie. like you meant it) and less random. Always stack simular tubs together.

Ah! Animal drift......what is that wire rack of animals at the top of this photo? Remove the teddy bears, bunnies, dolls, and cuddly items from the work area if you have another space in the home for them. I am getting a mixed vibe here. Is this sophisticated (ie Ansel Adams) work area for showcasing stuffed collectables? Or for scrapbooking? I am not saying get rid of them from the entire space. Just make them look like they BELONG. See how many of them you have here, there, and everywhere?? At least 50 that are showing in these pics.... They are even hanging off the lamp? and sitting on the tv set. Weed some of them out and share them with someone. Estimate some shelf space. Coral them either all in the wooden bookcase you have or get a nice wooden shelf on the wall for them ALL TO SIT together inside the shelf or bookcase--not on top. Grouping a collection is best for impact and design. It will look more like you have an intended collection.

I love that your drawer units look labeled. About the family photos, I would place them in a less busy (visually) place than competing with the tv screen. How about on the top of the bookcase or on walls above the desk spaces ? Bins off the floor. Kleenex box over to the desk area. Plastic tubs put away. Don't hang things on the doorknob. :)

I think you have a great area. Just spruce it up a bit and pull it together so it looks focused and planned.

Thanks Karen S for having us review your room!!

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