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Dawn R Sock it to Me Rock Room Review

Dawn Rhodes
Sock it to Me Rock Room Review
by Rockester

Photo: Workspace 1- “the T desk”

I love, love, love the white color scheme and the pegboard and cupboards. I applaud your turning the little table on its side and inserting it in under the counter area in a T shape. Good thinking. However I do see some areas here that could work more smoothly for you. A little tweeking on creating clusters of like supplies or work stations will help. Good job on keeping the trash can handy. I see that between the table and the countertop you have almost another little shelf space (created from the gap) and this would be a great handy little niche place to store the 5 zip bags of paper scraps if they were in a nice looking low basket?

RIBBON: Ribbon reels seem to be placed in the center of the pegboard and they are right in an area that is hard to stretch to reach and cut. Using a scissors and being stretched at an odd angle on your tip toes to cut may be a tricky combination. For ease of use, move the ribbon reels and other items in the blue boxes more to the far right. You mention having some ribbon and fiber also in cabinets. Lets get them all together in the open on the pegboard on those rolls --or in small baggies on rings-- so you can SEE them all when choosing your fibers. Don’t make yourself look in three places just to see all the fibers you own.

ARTWORK: I hate to say don’t use the center of the pegboard for tools at all. But if it is hard to reach, you could use that unreachable centermost area of the pegboard for hanging a nice photo of the family members. Inspiration and safety combined. J I alsway recommend family photos or favorite layouts be used for inspiration and that inspiration and art be hung in the ‘difficult’ spots that are unusable or storage. Perhaps raise the D initial (art) up on the pegboard and keep tools lower and more handy.

DIE CUTTING : I would keep the Sizzix die carousel at the far left and bring over your die cutter and Sizzlets alphabet onto the counter left by it. In one photo you have a Cricut cutting table (higher up like a ironing board?) Can you place the Cricut on the counter nearer the Sizzix? I like to keep most of my cutting and die cutting together in a ‘station’ or area.

Photo: Cricut Cutting Table

Often people store their Xyrons near the die cutting area also because once something small is cut, you often have to adhesive it. If this will work for you, consider moving the Xyron and adhesive refills out of the very tall white cabinet.

Photo: White cabinet

Placing the Xyron and extra adhesives close to the countertop die cutting area should be handier for gluing titles and dies. Rearrange the upper cabinet right above the left side of the T countertop desk area to fit only adhesives and dies and cutters if it won’t all fit on the counter. Then you can use the tall circut table for something else.

Back to the center of your countertop desk T area. Place items in the center of the peg board area and counter top that you almost never use. And make sure they are items big enough to grab without having to be an acrobat. I suggest the tool turn around spinner that you use often be in closer reach of you when you are seated (center?) in front of the D where that calendar pad is now and move the inks also.

INKS: Same idea with inking and stamping supplies. It looks like your inks and reinkers and rubber stamps are now all on the left countertop and a few in the cabinets above it. Can those be moved to another area away from the die cutting? Perhaps move them all into the bookcase you have for stamps. When I get up to get a stamp, then is also when I am choosing inks or markers so I store them nearby. You have a bookcase for stamps, so lets try to move the inks nearer to it or into it. Same goes for wet wipes, stamping cleaners, SU markers, and so on.

STAMPS: If I understand the layout of the room correctly, the rubber stamp bookshelf is full and is off to the right of the wooden computer desk. Clear the paper out from the bottom shelf of the stamp bookcase and move your bigger boxes of stamps down to that shelf so that your inks and re-inkers will fit on the middle shelf of this bookcase? Think in “clusters” of supplies that go together. If you also bead only in conjunction with stamping the beads go in the bookcase too. If it won’t all fit on the bookcase, designate one storage tower for stamping alone and keep tool overflow in that tower beside the bookcase by the window.

And is that a fax machine or a copier/printer on the wooden desk on the right of the monitor?

Photo: COMPUTER AREA Can you place that on a separate table like the little printer stand or the Cricut table or on the floor? It is taking a lot of real estate on the computer desk. The computer desk could be double used for a ink and stamping station.

OFFICE SUPPLIES: another item I noticed that may not be clustered to the best advantage is all your office supplies. Envelopes, bags, printer paper, candles, etc are in various places around the room. Cluster the ‘non-craft’ office supplies together near/in the computer desk if that is where you would sit and use them most. Empty binders, 8.5x11 page protectors and so on are also just ‘normal’ desk supplies so keep them over here too. You are a SU demo gal so keep all business related papers filed and TOGETHER near your SU idea books. When you need something you should only have to look ONE place for it.

Your paper storage looks fine in the white cabinet. Most of your cabinets and cupboards look tidy. Make sure the items are together that get used together. Photos that are not sorted or scrapped should be in a central location like the upper cabinets. I think I see a little die cutter (green) on one of the shelves and I would put that with the Cricut and the Sizzix cutter items.


Place the color wheel and any reference materials you use a lot like sketches very handy to your work surface. If you have to get up to get those references, they won’t get used. These might be good items to hang on the pegboard. You sound like you have a good system for your 5 bags of scrap colors and that you use them often. BRAVO!

I hope this helps streamline your space. You have a wonderful space to work with and it should all fit! From what I can see you just need to think about which items you truly use together. And then store them in clusters that are easy to get to and easy to find.

Dawn, Good luck and thank you for being so patient! My schedule is not usually this crazy. But I am glad I could finally get this room review out to you!
Best wishes


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and organzed room. It looks absolutely pristine. I am a little bit jealous!! I hope you enjoy it,after making the suggested changes. Jeni

Anonymous said...

I got a lot of ideas for my room,
too. Thanks for the ideas.