Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gea's "Sock it to Me Rock" Room Reivew

Gea's Room: "Sock it to Me Rock" Room Review

A huge thank you to Gea for sharing her space with us this time in the "SOCK IT TO ME ROCK" room review challenge. I love doing these reviews and hope you all enjoy reading them. My hope is that you can learn a few tips from them. I so appreciate the gals who offer their photos for review. I know sometimes they have to be patient while I work the reviews into my schedule-- but we hope it will be worth the wait!! :) Please feel free to use any hints you see here in your own work areas if they will help you!

Thanks to Gea for this room to review! She has a wonderful open, clean space and my points will mainly have to do with where she is keeping her items in the drawers and cabinets. We want Gea to be able to work effectively and efficiently in her deskspaces. To do that she needs to keep her essential items handy-- but not necessarily out in the open.

Left side of black desk:

Looking at the desk pic above, I see a lot of wall space going empty. Not that you have to fill it but at least use it to hang the picture or artwork that is leaning against the ledge and the art leaning on the window blinds. :) Let your inspiration shine and showcase it. Whether it is art, photos of family or your completed layouts. Hang it up and be inspired!

Your pegboard is a great idea. Use it to the fullest. Add a basket or shelf for all the flower jars. Add more pegs for the dimensional embellishments. Unless you are using them right away you couldalso store the dimensional stickers in the file cabinet drawer by theme with the rest of your accent stickers.

Wow, this whole area looks like a spiffy, clean space! Everything is out of sight.... clean desktop. :) Bravo!

Great chair. Good paper storage in cart under desk. Not much clutter. Good job.

If you want to, you could try moving the 12x12 paper cart out from under the desk over to the left of the desk. This would free up leg space under that area of the L shaped desk and give you a more comfortable work space on that side. To give you even more elbow room in that desk area, consider moving the white scrap paper drawers over to the right of the Ott light at the far right on the black L desk. (Near the folding table)

Letter stickers and accent stickers above: all organized by theme. Looks great!

When we open the drawers, this is where I can see a few things need to be tweeked. In this drawer alone we see an assortment of varied tools and types of items from brads, eyelets, asst. embellishments to tools to ribbon to ? Looking further down in other drawers we see some items of the same "catagories". From this, I gather we need to work on not only stashing things out of sight-- but work harder at keeping like items together.

Make this drawer JUST for embellishments and the Crop a Dile setter/eyelet setters. Take out all the fibers and ribbons and place elsewhere.

In the next drawer we see more adhesives, pens, and so on. I would make this drawer adhesives only and move my small Xyron to it also. I would then keep my pens on the desktop where I am more likely to see them and remind myself to use them in varied pages. Pen collections go dry much too soon as it is. Keeping them out of sight means I use them less and then money was wasted when they dry up.

The drawer above looks kind of item-cutters! No overflow. No confusion. Love it.
Pencils, chalks, all look good. But the iron could go out on the heat safe desktop/ironing surface wherever the outlet is that you use it at. Instead of storing a warm iron back in a drawer, get a pretty teflon hotpad to set it on up in the open. Just to be safe.

Now let's turn to the right side of the same black desk area.

Trash can is ample and handy. Yeah for that! If you can possibly move the sewing machine UP off the floor permanantly , do so. You will find you use it ten times as often! And your pages will benefit!

I can't quite tell what is in the pink and green baskets on the right of this desk. If they are accents, store them in the file folders by theme with your stickers. If they are photos, consider a photo storage box until they are needed.

I like that your punches are all together and in a sturdy drawer like this. My only comment here would be that maybe if you end up having more drawer space in the nextr drawer up or down, that you move half of these to it so you have a single layer of punches in any one drawer. It will be easier to see what you have and probably safer than overloading weight in one drawer. If that is not possible, get sturdy boxes to slide in here and 'divide' up your punches by type or catagory (flowers/geometric shapes/corners/letters) so you can go right to the kind you want.

More adhesives, more ribbon, more embellishments (buttons). I am noting a trend here. :) Let's seperate and put ALL the fibers and ribbon in one drawer and ALL the glues and adhesives in one drawer (see above comments), and ALL the embellishments in one drawer (see above).

White Iris Cart under left side of black desk:

Heat gun, inks and stampers. All rubber stamping related it is true. But look at the next pic.

We have stamps, glues, giltters, and more inks? Again like the punches, try to get your wood mount stamps in a single level so you can see them. If needed, sort the rubber stamps into clear trays which can then fit back into this Iris cart drawer or project box. Lifting out one tray to look undernear is preferable when searching over rustling in dozens of awkward items.

Is it possible to put the sewing machine up on this white counter with the die cutting? Looks like enough room and there is a stool to sit and sew. Will that work?

OK OK I say "uncle" here. :) You have a die station to "die" for and I envy you! :) It looks fantastic and is so tidy I can't comment a bit on improvements.

I also liked in your photos above at top that you have a spare folding table. I think that would come in handy for cropping buddies, sewing projects, or planning page kits!
All in all I love your space. Work on keeping like items together. You time finding items will be streamlined by a few minutes each time you search. And that ads up to many more minutes cropping time to get pages DONE! :)

Thank you Gea and good luck! Let me know how your changes go...
Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Gea, great room! I am inspired to get mine in order. Rock, great advice. I really need to get my like items together and some of my items out so I can see them....thanks to both of you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Gea, I love your room. Rock's advice is sound and I am so encouraged with my scrap space project. I've been working on it for months and was at a standstill. Your room is how I would eventually like get my room looking ...Way to Go!

Nancy M in NJ said...

Wow, I thought it looked good just in the picture. Rock has some great points there... I have to relook at my stuff! Happy scrappin, Gea :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! Great job! Ahorsesoul