Saturday, August 11, 2007

Making an Acrylic Stamp Storage Binder

I love my acrylic stamps!!

I have about 20 sheets of Acrylic stamps now. I love them and wanted them to be together and mobile. I usually scrap away from home at least twice a week. I want storage that is truly innexpensive, is easy to view my stamps, will not 'dump out' in transit, and is compactly portable.

Here is what I came up with... I made it from a secondhand store zippered day planner binder, extra 12x12 chippboard cardboards, and some extra 8.5x11 page protectors.

zippered day planner binder that is larger dimensions than your scrylic stamp sheets.
staples and stapler
page protectors 8.5x11
hand held hole punch
cardboard pieces (I used 12x12 and 8.5x11 cut them down.)
my acrylic stamps, block, ink pad to store in binder
optional- reuse the dividers from the day planner to label stamp catagories.

My binder as it looked when I got it secondhand.
1. Cut cardboard pieces slightly larger than the acrylic stamp sheets that you want to store.

2. Measure your stamp sheets and make your cardboards about 1 inch longer and wider. Cut cardboards. Insert the new correct size cardboards into a 8.5x11 protector. Cut off the open top of the protector so it is flush with the cardboard.

3. Fold over the opposite edge (top of the above photo) and staple in 3 or 4 places along edge to make the protector 'narrower' in the binder.

4. Use the hole punch to punch out any needed extra holes in the white edging where the binder rings go. (bottom of the above photo near my thumb.)

Your finished pages should look like this below. You can add stamp sets to both sides of each cardboard in each page protector
5. Place all acrylic sheet plastics into the new resized page protectors.
6. Add in your acrylic mounting block at the front of the binder and one pad of ink. I use black ink a lot. So in those go. They won't fall out because the unit has a zipper!

7. Lastly add rub on lettering to identify what is in the binder. I placed mine on the vinyl cover. Poof! You are done! Now your acrylic stamps are organized and mobile!! If you need more than one binder, make two or three and just keep different catagories of stamps in each one.

I love my new storage method. Now when I need to stamp, I can quickly leaf through my choices, pull out a sheet, peel off the right stamps and work away! Clean up is a breeze too. I just use a wet wipe on the stamps and tuck them back in their page protector homes.

I hope this inspires you to create some great recycled storage that is useful to you. :)


Brite said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing:-)

Lesa Dierking said...

Do you have any acrylics that are CTMH, which come in their own little folder? Do you leave those in their own folders, or do you transfer them to this method so that all of your acrylics are together? I suppose it's up to each individual, but i'm curious as to what others would do. Thanks.

Rockester said...

I would leave them in their own folder and tuck that in the protector in the binder

fragileindustries said...

Great idea ... I stumbled on a similar storage idea for my hundreds of acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps. Since so many of mine are small and separated from their original sheet, I bought a set of baseball card storage sheets (9 pocket/page) and 3x5 or 4x6 photo storage sheets(3 and 4 pocket/page)for the larger stamps. They can be found on ebay or online very inexpensively -- I was lucky to be able to repurpose a lot of the old photo sheets from family albums I have since scrapbooked. My collection would have needed too many binders, so I have an Iris cart with shallower drawers. The drawers are labeled "alphabets" "backgrounds" etc. and the appropriate sheets are stacked inside. But if I'm going to work outside the house, I can grab the sheets I need and stick them in a 3-ring, ready to go!
Thanks for all your good ideas.