Saturday, August 25, 2007

So happy for them.....

Hurray for us! Here is my baby boy (almost 22) and he is .....ENGAGED!! :)

photos by me. :)

My son asked his sweetheart to marry him this last tuesday afternoon. We are sooooo very happy for them. Here are a few recent pics of them and of her with her ring.

photo by Brittany Bly

Wedding planned for Summer 2008.
Yeah us! Happy happy happy..... :)
Can you tell we love her and have for over 5 years?


Anonymous said...


Nancy M in NJ said...

That's wonderful news... best wishes to all|!

Crafteemomof2 said...

THAT IS FABULOUS!!!! What a beautiful couple. Iwish them a wonderful life!

mjvarney said...

Congratulation, that is such wonderful wishes to your have a handome son Rock!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for both of them and the rest of your family. Are you sure she knows what she is getting into? I know she is getting into a wonderful loving family. Molly