Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TO DO: Tuesday Aug 7th

I have had such good luck when I post my to do lists here on my blog. It must be a combination of writing it down and commiting to it in 'public' that keeps me doing and crossing off my items! Yes some do carry over but I have gotten undreds of others done!!!

here is my TO DO list for this week:

fold laundry
sort magazines and sell on SC Ad Day x3
create 6 double page background sets for Debbie H Sweet Teen order (x4)
cut baby titles/names on Cricut
cut Going to the Fair title for Debbie H
email about sepia layouts
sent JN email about DJ Tiesto
SWE renewal for Jy
Movies w MK: Hot Rod and Bourne
pack up Grma's books
Paperwork on Devon
upload 2 more ST sets to ebay
call Judy P
Help dd with her wall quilt
vacuum LR
Order Oriental Trading
make dd bed quilt
donate items out of laundry room craft stuff
Give R his gift
6x6 qoute pages done and sent out for JBJ
Grandpa Project letters transcribed X 20
clean garage
schedule fiber exchange here in sept
JM cd pickup
Deliver to Jodi the RMcD doll angels
clean planting corner out

Let's hope I can keep adding to it as well as crossing items off in Red!

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