Thursday, September 27, 2007

SUPER STASH October Dorm Door Decor/Calendar for Halloween

Look what I made! Click on the photo for a closer look at all the parts.

Here is what inspired me today from seeing it on EBAY from QuillySilly

And from that concept, I decided to make a Halloween door calendar so I gathered up some orange and black papers from the stash, orange accents, ribons, brads, some sturdy cardstock background and so on seen below. Looks like a mess so far! LOL

Then I printed out a October calendar with my greeting card workshop program. Any premade calendar page for the month will do. I personalized this one with their names since dorm rules say all door decor is supposed to also identify the occupants.

Then I started building the background (below) to make it sturdier. I made 2 layers of pattern paper onto my orange cardstock to insure it was very stiff and would hold the weight of the other decor and utility items I intended to attach. (envelopes, pens, notepaper)

Trimming out my calendar pieces seen here:

I then decided on placement of each item. I needed to leave room for two pockets made by cutting sealed envelopes along one side and decorating the pocket as seen below. I placed fun spooky stickers on the calendar to accent certain dates.

Inside one pocket will be blank papers for notes and the other pocket is for the "Status" card. The roomies can place the appropriate card in the upper pocket to if they are In, Out, or Back in 15 minutes.

After gluing everything in place I added ribon at the top with brads to hang it on the door.

Below is the final product and it took me less than an hour!

This October door decor is spooky and FUN! I will be sending it off to one of my favorite college students this week! This idea can be adapted to any month and any theme including birthdays!!


Anonymous said...

I love this! I think that is so fun and it would be such a great project to do with a variety of age groups, anytime of year! I could see this as a fun project to do by season, as well! Thanks for sharing the photos and the steps, as well!

Anonymous said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I like yours better than the example you showed! Your daughter is gonna love this!
Corinna-scrapper for hire
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Anonymous said...



Rockester said...

Glad you like it Jenny cause it is coming your way dd!!
Mom :) aka Rockester

* G * said...

That is such a cute idea!

Gretchyn said...


This is a wonderful idea! We used to have fun making message boards for our dorm room doors in college, but they were pretty basic. This is so pretty and festive. Your daughter and her roomie will love it, I think!