Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scraps of a Different Sort. :)

I love how this project is turning out this week.

Drumroll please.....

And now for a little creation of mine made from scraps of a different sort! Not paper this time! Quilting is one of my other fun pastimes and this quilt is in progress for my daughter for her dorm. She picked the color scheme a few years ago and I only got as far as hand appliqueing the two floral panels back then... But 3 days ago, I got back on it so that she can have it ALL done and use it at school... WOW What a difference 3 days makes!

2 years ago: I can't remember the name of this hand done applique pattern but I found it online about 2 years ago. It was a little time intense so I only hand appliqued a few blocks this way--two are done completely--one purple and one yellow.

Three days ago: just squares

Yesterday: adding 4 heart panels ...and lots and lots of rows of squares! This pattern is paper pieced using a online pattern I found called Candy Box Heart

found here

and I enlarged it to 8 inches and printed out on 8.5x11 paper to sew direct to paper for exactness and then remove the paper backing. I love how these hearts turn out. I have made them several times before for baby quilts.

Quilt top today ready to sandwich with backing and batting and start machine quilting!! YEAH!!
It is sideways here but you get the idea! :) Ignore clean laundry to be folded at top of photo....cause you know obviously I have been ignoring it too!! LOL

I will post a photo when I get it all quilted and give it to DD --hopefully this weekend!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I bet your daughter is going to love it.

NicScrappy said...

Wow! Great job! Did you take a class to learn? I mess up on even the simple squares, but still try. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful. My mother quilts for "therapy" and I reap the rewards. I love quilts, but haven't made any yet.

Anonymous said...

Great job Kathy
I too am a quilter/scrapper and have plenty of someday projects of both. I know your DD will love her quilt when you are done!
Cathie in ut

Anonymous said...

Boy - you outdid yourself! That is amazing!!

Congrats :0)

Tracy Schreiner

JANA said...

I love your quilt! You sound like you like the same things I do, history, genealogy, quilting, scrapbooking. :) I am so going to steal your hearts!