Monday, October 15, 2007


Look what I did today! (Click on photos for close ups!)


I am happy to say I got out my button box today. I have been meaning to incorporate more of my button stash into my layouts. But in the last month or so, the layouts never seemed 'right' for buttons. But today was the day! Not one page set --but two --were perfect for buttons!

I decided to see how they would look used in one of my favorite ways--as flower centers for the layout above. Once I got going I loved the look and kept on going. I did a total of 4 pages with buttons!!! The above set is for a Sweet Teen Client and has dozens of silk and paper flowers with button centers.

The other page set below titled "Falling for You" has photos taken at a local orchard. Because of the theme of the page, I used dozens of fall leave shaped buttons. I borrowed three or four from my pal Dawn (Thanks Dawn!) and I had all the rest already in my embellishment box! I just sprinkled them in corner clusters and also used them on the Basic Grey title lettering.

How many BUTTONS, BUTTONS, BUTTONS did I use??? I used a whopping 56 buttons today on 4 pages. I had to count them twice to be sure! LOL

I challenge YOU to use some of your buttons TODAY! See if you can beat that number! Use over a dozen buttons per page! I dare ya! :)



Geri said...

I posted my 2 page button challeng at ScrappersChallenge board in Geri's stuff album! Thanls for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Rock, these layouts are lovely~! I never think to use my buttons. The orchard layout--they are just the cutest couple!


Dawn said...

OMG I just love all the flowers you used. It makes such a splash. :) And like the twine on the orchard tag.

Rockester said...

lol Dawn!! A very nice scrapping buddy gave some of the flowers to me and she shared the twine too...and some buttons shaped like leaves. Aren't scrappers the nicest people? :)

Scrapbooking Tips and Techniques said...

WOW, that's a lot of buttons. I used some buttons today too, but when I got ready to place them I discovered my daughter had swiped my glue dots. I can't live without my glue dots.

Barbara said...

Okay- i just have to ask you about all the beautiful faces you use in your work. Do you do these free hand?