Monday, December 31, 2007

Great Paper Purge Challenge 2008: Early Bird Assignment

I hate to wake up early but for this...I will be an early bird! Oh yes
I will! LOL

Early Bird Great Paper Purge 2008 Task:

Here's an early bird assignment for those of you ready to start the
new Great Paper Purge challenge for 2008. (And you don't even have to
get up early if you don't want to.)

We know we'll be reducing our paper supply this year. But what tasks
do you do first???

1) GATHER -Have your papers all together in a convenient location.
That means find a box, bucket, or basket (probably a large one) and
use it to gather ALL your loose scrapping paper in one location. Dig
the papers out of the old tote scrap bag, empty out the bags of papers
you bought on those shopping trips, and gather any papers that might
be hiding in different rooms.

2) SEPERATE: FOR JANUARY MONTH: You can either mentally tally --or actually separate out-- all the targeted papers for the Jan. month long use-it-up focus. Thi s would include any papers that have sparkles, glitter, glossy, shimmer, snow theme, vellum or
metallic. We are going to use this paper specifically in the next
month in JAN on our layouts. Consciously make a decision now to USE IT!

NOTE: If you received/acquired a lot of new papers in Dec. 07, you can
use those as your focus papers for Jan. but ONLY if it was acquired in
12/07. Measure and log your amounts at the ScrappersChallenge Yahoogroup's database both for the TOTAL paper stash you own and for the JAN use focus papers.
(You will need to be a member of that scrapbooking organizationYahoogroup to do so)

3. MEASURE: Now the scary part, measure your pile. You may measure in
inches, millimeters, or actual sheet or paper count. Either on your
own paper tally chart, or in the SC Database, document and log the
size of your ENTIRE paper stash pile as well as your January focus paper in the appropriate Starting Measurement slots on the database.

The database for JAN to APRIL 2008 for the GREAT PAPER PURGE 2008 is here

And for May to August 2008 here\27

and for Septeber to December 2008 here:

Feel free to enter your measured amounts for ALL paper type/colors if
you want to on the database in the first column/slot for that purpose. It may seem scary at first to measure all that paper, but DO it. This is the first step in seeing whay you have on hand and seeing that you indeed should COMMIT to using it in 2008.

You can also just enter your measurements month by month and measure each as you come
to it. Either way is fine. You can also keep a tally in a notebook at home or on a paper chart of your own making. I will try to work one up to share as well as soon as I am able.

Let's get an early start on our paper goals for 2008.
Organize It, Use It, or Lose It!

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