Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Top Ten Time Wasters!

I think the following issues have sucked up wayyyyyyyyyyy too much of my time
in 2007. I resolve to not let that happen so much in 2008!

Time Wasters:

1. Unclear goals: my goals have not being clear --and set --in a
couple aspects of life. So I go in circles more than I need to.

2. Lack of Scheduling: my genealogy project goals are not scheduled
so I am allowing long term interruptions.

3. A Drop and Go Mentallity: my drop and go tendancies in my craft
workspace are a bother later on. Good thing I use clear storage! I
will try to make my "Drop and go" tendancy into a "Drop into storage"
tendancy! LOL

4. Biting off too Much: I have been attempting too much in too short
a time. No, you cannot completely reorganize a jam-packed 1000 square
foot space in 4 hours. Small steps, Kathy small steps.

5. Getting Sidetracked: this is especially true online-- I need to
FOCUS not continually browse online. :) Ideas are NOT actions.

6. Lack of Delegation/lists: Ineffective communication or delegation
to my family. They need to know what I want done and when. LISTS will
help them--and me.

7. Knick Knack Syndrome: I don't like knick knacks (thanks Grandma
Helen!) but I do love antiques and garage sales, so I constantly fight
having a cluttered home, desk. I want to focus JUST on keeping
heirloom items from my family and not random antiques.

8. Procrastination/lack of self-discipline. See # 5 This can also
apply to dishes and laundry. LOL I love my family, I love my family ... :)

9. Not Understanding Technology: Yes for me this is a time waster. I
wish I understood more so I wouldn't be so stumped when trying to
reach certain goals!

10. Shopping for Bargains --especially storage containers and
organizer storage. When I need something for my space, I want to get
the best deal or recycle something to use for it. Usually this is a
great way to go. But This sometimes means I spend more time LOOKING
for the right storage bargain instead of doing the actual organizing
or just scrapping. I can always avoid buying scrapbook supply stash
--but rarely can say no to a great basket, bin or container! :)

What is standing in your way? Do you have ten time wasters to share?
Speak up!
Let's tackle this together!!


hambor said...

My Computer is my biggest time waster. It is a great tool but, I tend to get sidetracked and wander all over the net wasting a lot of time.
I need to learn to use a timer to limit the time I spend on it.
Thanks for this article, it is helping me think about getting more accomplished by not wasting so much time.

.:sandra:. said...

definitely my computer and the tv.

i either go off and surf what i shouldnt or i turn on the tv and watch 10 more minutes of something or the other for more than 3 hours!