Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A joy to work on....Wedding Invitations!

My son's fiance' on right and her mom helping me with the invitations to the BIG day. :) I love these gals! We worked assembly-line style on these lovely handmade wedding invitations (She choose the basic styles and I designed them for her with her input).

Here is what they look like all finished up! WhooHoo! I love the colors she choose. The bugger of the whole project was getting the 1/2 inch ribbon through the heart charm's tiny 1/8 inch holes! But we did it x 120! GO US!!

Ok, Ok, I am trying to be in more photos.... :) So here I am hard at work. My DIL-to-be took this one of me working on the invitations. My own daughter is beside me at my right working on her own scrapbooking pages. We all had such a good time that day and we got the invites all DONE! (I had already stamped all the envelopes.) I have already finished the Save the Date cards, envies, maps, and the thank you cards and envies. Now onward to the RSVPs and gift brunch open house invitation cards!!!

All in all a joyous day's work!

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Anonymous said...

The save the date card was beautiful. Nice job.