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Paper Stash Storage Solutions: 1- 12 inches of paper

Your paper storage units should suit YOUR needs and YOUR paper storage style.

Imagine this:
Two people who sit down side by side at a crop party. Soon they will start talking about tool and paper storage. Pretty soon, one will want what the other one has. It all sounds so good --and it is working for her companion. But when she goes out to buy it, and she takes it home, it might be all wrong. Why?? Because those two people will NOT need exactly the same storage solutions! So how do you know what to invest in? And yes, paper storage is an investment. You don’t want to waste money or TIME. Spend your time and money on solutions that are great for YOU!

How much paper do you have? Are you happy with your storage units?
How do you plan on going about using it?
Can you find a specific paper you need in less than 5 minutes?

Choose containers and units that appeal to your sense of d├ęcor style AND your real storage needs. Don’t be fooled by cute shapes or new prints. No matter how cute, an accordion box 6
inches deep won't help you if you have 7 feet of paper that needs a home! Horizontal open rack shelving won't help you if you have a lot of dust in your climate. You need closed storage of some sort, dust covers, or cupboards. Keeping 5 feet of paper at your feet just won't work if you only have 3 feet of desk and storage space!

Sometimes the scrapbooking bug hits and you KNOW this is a hobby you will truly love. Even if you are a beginner, you should consider right now how your storage needs will grow. A growing system should be something you can place on walls or shelves on in a cabinet.

What to choose?!?!? Read on. :)

First I will ask about the VOLUME of paper stash you have.

How much paper you have will determine how much storage you need. I presume you have already purged it out so you are only keeping papers you love. Just keep papers that you will truly use on layouts and projects. Get rid of the stuff you won't use. Then pick up a ruler and measure what is left. We measure it so we know how much storage to get. Space is a finite measurable thing in your home. Measure the paper stash so you know how much storage room you need at any one time.
For the guide below, do not count the shelving or racks themselves. Just measure your paper! Include vellums, mulberries, 8.5x11 and 12x12, pattern and solid. Include page kits and club shipments. This is the stash that you will use and love. You need a prime storage unit system for it all that fits within the specific space you have designated for a work area. Let's figure it out step by step.

NOTE: Before you purchase items look at the listed dimensions on the product pages. Most vendors are happy to supply the specs. Reading the specs blurb on the product page will save you any headaches later! Buying a rolling tote to shove in the closet when company comes will not work if you buy one that is wider than the custom closet door frame! Don’t laugh! This has happened to readers more than once.

Determine how much paper you have and then read the blog entry with solutions for your level (in red). Within that post, you will find (in blue) several options for the way that YOU scrap most often. This will help you narrow down your storage choices.

Be sure to read all the blog entries in this Paper Stash Storage Solutions series by Rockester for more solutions and everyday practical tips.

* You only have a little paper: 1 to 12 inches *

(If it was stacked all in one pile you'd have less than 12 inches)
You may just be really good at efficient buying. You buy as you need it. Or, you may just be starting out as a beginner. Either way, a big stockpile is not your thing right now. Hurray for you. This should be fairly simple. Choose below as to HOW you most often scrap--and how large your space is. These storage ideas are just illustrations and recommendations. Make your space work for YOU. You can do this!

Small Stash: Scrap primarily at Home and have a Small Work Space:
First off, carve out a space for your hobby no matter how small. Use some shelving or pegboard to go UP that wall above your desk. If you choose shelving, make sure it is deep enough to hold jars, tools, and books. You will need every inch eventually. Start with something you like. Make it cute. If your workspace is going to be an eyesore to the rest of the room, consider hiding it all behind a padded or a soji screen. You can use the back of it for pinning items inspirations and tools where no one else can see. I have pegboards all around my room and love the fact I can hang shelves or pegs--either one. And I can change it around.

Clear Pegboard: (so your wall paint color still shows through)--with pink or clear hooks

Now for the actual paper storage. You don't have a lot of paper and scraps so you can easily rearrange, move and even carry most of your supplies:

Binders and Binder Carriers:PaperPacker Binder

Croppin’ Binder:

Accordian files: Some have handles and some do not have handles. This one sits on the desk or shelving and can be used with or without hanging folders.

Croppin' Companion Cube Box for 12x12 hanging files with Four dividers

Rolling totes do double duty for scrappers in small spaces. Not only do they travel out to crops but they can roll under a table at home. Most have built in 12x12 paper file folders eliminating the need to buy separate paper file units.

How about a hot blue one! (It’s on my personal wish list ‘cause its my fave color!!)

And a tote with a pretty black and white pattern on it?

When you just have a few inches of paper and a few tools you can fit them all in one bag. Many styles of the jumbo rolling totes have lots of pockets for any tools your heart desires! They can get a little heavy when fully loaded but are great for using at home. Just shove them away out of sight in hidden places when company comes!

Metal Carts:

A metal all purpose rolling cart (above) will also serve the same function at home. Just it tuck away when not in use. Use it with some great vertical storage on top. These work best on on hard vinyl and tile flooring because of the casters.

Vertical storage: This style is space efficient and holds you paper upright on end. You can go clear, tan (nice to alter), or black. Memory Dock and Karen Foster also offers other colors on this link too.
Clear vertical storage with removable sub divider compartments -I like the idea of the subdivider so you can just pull a smaller segment of papers at a time

Plain Clear Plastic Cropper Hopper paper holder: 12x12 seen above
But the BRILLIANT thing is that this clear one from Cropper Hopper comes ALSO in an 9x9 size for those smaller papers that are becoming so popular and we don't want to get crushed iwth our larger sheets. Someone was using their brain muscles that day! :)

Tan hardboard Cropper Hopper Shelf Its. I think these would be fun to decorate!

Black Advantus paper holder-Classy!

You have a little more room to Crop at Home:
File cabinet and 12x12 filing cube Systems:
Even if you have a small stash, you may want something more substantial and furniture-like for looks or for stash growth. Do you want a bigger furniture piece with everything in one footprint? Most large armoire desks only take up 2 feet deep x 4 foot wide x 6 feet tall. It’s an all in one solution that might work if you want to make the investment.

Maple Lane by EK Success seen here (at bottom of link page) under Organization and Storage furnishings. Email about availability.

Scrap-eze - Hanging File Storage

Horizontal Storage:
Plan ahead. The floor alone will not be enough space for long. Start a solution that will grow with you.

Clear stacking trays:
If you have a little more room, these clear wonders make paper retrieval FAST! They are really versatile as they can sit on a desk, a wall shelf, or on the floor with the separate wooden base. They can also sit completely flat or at an angle for better viewing depending on the style of base you get. Plus you can add more or take some off as you need.

Overall Goals:
Your goal is not to stockpile paper but to use it.

The best way to keep your stash is up to you. Determine how much you have, your working methods, and your decor style needs. All in all, it is up to you to determine just what paper stash storage will work best for you. Use these guidelines. See what options you like best. Put your personal style and creativity into your space. There are so many wonderful choices and options available. Have fun with it! Go ahead and Organize that paper stash so you can FIND it and USE it!

Stay tuned soon to this blog for the next set of solutions for those who have between 12 and 24 inches of stash! :)


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