Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Baskets and Crafting

A word or two if you are a crafter....please read on! :)

This week Nancy wrote me a nice note about my previous blog post:

Nancy Jacobs wrote:
"Hi Rock,
I really enjoyed reading your blog about your troubled room and seeing the pictures. Things like this are always inspiring! I noticed the baskets on your family history desk. Did you make them? Those are the types of baskets that I write patterns and teach classes for so I found them interesting and beautiful in your room.
Great job!
Nancy J."


Hi to Nancy and all the Crafters out there...
I did make two of them in that photo (on the history desk by my computer). But not the red, white and blue one.

These are large ones for papers about 10x 13 total size. I also made a large step basket and I used to be in both a church craft group and a crafting coop sale for over a decade.

We made baskets twice or three times a year in a variety of styles. I recently (just this fall) gathered them all up and put them in one place. I decided to show them off in my family room --like a collection. Previously they had been all around the house and my kids didn't even realise I had made them myself years ago. They had really been too young then to notice. I decided to solve that! LOL I didn't want them tossing them in a rummage sale if I died so I made sure they were together, SIGNED and dated and I told the kids and hubby to REMEMBER that that is MY collection of my own baskets, thank you very much. LOL. I don't think they will forget any time soon. haha. Here is a pic of my other baskets made over the last 13-15 years.

So if you make baskets or quilts or any other handmade crafts, sign them, date them, and TELL the story verbally. Cluster them together and make them the cherrished collection they ARE. Oh yeah, and then photograph it and scrapbook it too! Don't let the other aspects of your creative side be lost in the shuffle of life! Document them. :) Share them. Enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

I really am glad you did that mom. I want a couple for myself someday...

Blog's looking pretty sweet. keep up the good work ma!

Hugs, Jenny