Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's Super Fling Boogie Decluttering Time! Let's kick some bootie here....kick it to the curb I mean!

Dig in and REALLY declutter your home.

Gather up all that junk....

Flylady says it's time for her:

"Super Fling Boogie Meter!!

Every few months we have what is called a Super Fling Boogie, we all
as a collective group around the world, rev up our engines and commit
to spending 15 minutes a day getting rid of the clutter in our
homes.The Super Fling Boogie will start on September 22nd in Zone 4
(The Master Bedroom) and we will go through all of the zones/rooms in
the home!!

To make this fun we have a pound meter set up below, we ask that
everyone either weigh or guesstimate the weight of what you get out of
your house. It could be trash, recycling or give away. If it leaves
your house, it counts as pounds tossed out of your home.

The meter will be up at
on Monday the 22nd!!!"

Over on Scrapperschallenge we will also be keeping track of how much
you FLING in the Boogie this fall! Here is the poll where YOU can
register how many sacks you got rid of during the Boogie. (Think in
terms of paper grocery sacks or ten gallon kitchen trash bags)

Here's how to get the job done if you need some straight forward tips

Lets do some fall cleanup so it is OFF our minds.

What have you gotten rid of this week?


staskym said...

Perfect time, Ike just came barreling threw here, and today i cleaned out the guest room i have way to much stuff 6 count them 6 huge 33 gal bags of wet gross trash!!!

renee said...

I need to get rid of lots of clutter...this came at the perfect time...I'm so in ;)

Anonymous said...

I just helped a friend declutter her garage today and we got rid of 4 huge boxes to donate and two giant rolling 40 gallon trash bins of garbage OUT of her space. All that was in her single garage PLUS what she kept as true tools and garage necessities. She is ver relieved to have cleared the space in about 3.5 hours with my help. :) Go us!

Anonymous said...

Moving 100+ miles away...10+ years accumulation of 4 boys, ex, and myself! 25 large Black 40 gallon garbage bags with more to go! Recycle, Trash and Cerety here it comes!

Meadow Walk said...

Rockester!!! I collect handmade brooms and I MUST know where that picture you used was taken or is from. I think I need to go there! And buy one of those!!!! Please???

Jenifer said...
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Jenifer said...

I was so inspired by reading this again that I took a trunk load of stuff from the garage and my closet and my house to the church's thrift shop today. It feels so good to have less!!! Jeni