Sunday, November 02, 2008


YEH!! We have a winner!

In October we ran a challenge for all of us with messy, messy closets called the CLOSET MONSTER UNLEASHED. (See below post) As promised I picked a winner on HALLOWEEN. ('Cause it was a MONSTER contest -get it? ) :) We had a couple of great entries over the course of the month. There were a few funny stories too. But I can only pick ONE winner to win the book "The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style" It's a great book and should be so helpful to our winner. Great prize!

And the winner of our CLUTTER MONSTER UNLEASEHED contest is......... (drumroll please!)

Jean Bullard at

Jean mentioned that she has TWO children happily playing and buried under her closet clothing here in this pic. Can you find the one that is showing? Well, Jean, it is time to dig out those kids and sit down with a great book together (and then enlist them in hanging and sorting that closet!) You are the winner!

Enjoy! And congrats again for being brave enough to tackle this problem area AND send in pics for the contest. I have a feeling there are lots of messy closets out there, but only a few were brave enough to share! LOL

Clear those closets and enjoy the results. :)



Do you have a messy clothing closet? Would you like to learn how to tame it?

How BAD is it? :) Send me your ONE photo of your clothing closet as a messy-mess. Send it to me at

with CLOSET MONSTER UNLEASHED contest in the subject line.

ONE lucky person will win the following book:

Some of the closet pics will be posted here without names.

I will RANDOMLY pick the winner on the scary holiday (because those closets are scary too!) on October 31st, 2008. So pass this on to your friends if you don't mind the competition. :)

Unleash that Closet Monster in your wardrobe area and win a truly helpful book on Halloween!

Remember--just ONE pic so make it good.

Good luck

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