Saturday, November 08, 2008


Week #2 "Gather your Supplies and start Making Gifts Week" Nov 8-15th

After inventorying supplies on hand, purchase canned goods for holiday baking. Get any supplies needed for gift making. Don't forget the film, batteries, gift wrapping, and Christmas cards. After gathering all your Christmas gift wrap into one place, do you really need more? A friend of mine did this recently and found she didn't need to buy cards again for over ten years if she stuck to using her stash!! Wow.

Gift wrap organizer ideas

Focus your energies on completing simple, useful gifts to be made, setting aside gifts that aren't coming together, and writing your holiday letter. Find family photos suitable for inclusion with holiday has 9 cent prints right onw if you have them sent to your home by mail. Make sure you allow enough time for duplication of photos during this busy season.

Outline or write entirely the holiday letter. Start now. Here are some lovely free holiday stationary papers to print yourself.

Assorted Christmas holiday papers



Pretty Assorted holiday stationary


Make sure your advent calendar or religious items are in good shape for the season. Clean or repair as needed.

Printable Advent Calendar

Be sure to create a gift giving list and a TO DO list by week so you don't have to remember everything off the top of your head.

Free Printable Pocket planner sized lists

Print out a cute DEAR SANTA list for smaller children and have them make their wish lists. Don't forget a talk about charitable giving and a giving spirit during the holidays. It's not all about getting--it's about faith and love in it's purest forms regardless of your faith denomination. More on that next week too. :)

Dear Santa Printable freebie

Let's work ahead now to insure that we don't get bottle necked in December. If you need handmade gift giving ideas, check out the wonderful paper art and handmade galleries at sites. I plan to make mini chipboard albums, decorated lunchboxes, decoupaged big wood letters, office sets, and greeting card sets. Some great ideas can be seen at places like TwoPeasinabucket, Scrapjazz, and

Browse around for inspiration. Starting now with your planning, purchasing and gift-making will insure a more relaxed December. Have fun. :)



Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Along with my Christmas gift wrap and Christmas cards and Christmas projects, I put recipes in the same area/box that I will be making for the holidays. That way EVERYTHING is all together in one Christmas center in my home. I also keep a notebook with my Christmas items to keep notes of my menu plan, gifts, and things I need to buy.
Thanks for your wonderful blog and yahoo group!
Nancy J.

lv2scpbk said...

I will check out the advent calendar. I like these and there's a wood one at a craft store I really like.