Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the Sewing Bug is bittin!

Look at these awesome patterns!

Ohhh no. The sewing bug is bittin' me and I am trying to IGNORE it. I love sewing as much as scrapbooking and usually I quilt. But my other love within sewing is sewing for vintage Barbie. ohh yes, Barbie doll vogue chic. And last night I found out that I had missed out on a 2001 Vogue treasure trove!! How can this be? How could I have not known these were in existance until too late? This is what I'm talkin' about. Barbie clothing like I used to love as a girl.

11 patterns (Not all shown here) ranging from 1920-1960 eras (click on any pic for closeup)

Four of the patterns I couldn't even find pictures for --but I do know they exist. Dang. And of course I could splurge and buy them all on Ebay for up to $35 a pattern but I won't. I might buy them over time one at a time. But really I am going to just oogle for a while and put my vintage Barbie 'sewing bug' on hold until after the holidays. Reality is that I have several more scrapbook and paper art gifts to make for Christmas. And yes Sharon, some quilted potholders. :)

So the totally frivolous Barbie Vogues will have to wait. Sigh... :)
Aren't they total glam fun?


Lizzy Simpson said...

Those fashions are fabulous!!! I love the fact that they have everything from elabourate evening gowns to bikinis!

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I want to wear some!

-Jenny (aka DD)

Sally said...

Some of those patterns are still on-line at Click on SHOP, then on the links on the left, the bottom is OUT OF PRINT PATTERNS - you will see at least three of those patterns, there may be four!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that. I saw two of them are still left. :) I plan to buy the 1920's set first. Rock

Anonymous said...

Rock, I to love sewing. I am starting to get into embroidery as well. My DD makes doll clothes for her dolls. ANd we both enjoy spending time together sewing. Its hard when you have some many thing going on and to do and then that bug bits you wanting you to start doing something else. Good luck with that.


Deb said...

Rock... I remember as a girl of probably 6 or 7 receiving a hoop cheese box FULL of Barbie and Ken clothes. I have been going through old pictures and found a photo of the christmas tree and the "box" under the tree. Of course, I found out later that my mom had helped Santa to make them and thus began my helping my mom to sew. (Back then, they had clothes that were "printed" on panels much as the busy books out there now. I would cut them out and hand sew along the seam lines. ) I did eventually move up to using patterns and a machine, but have vague, but fond memories of hand sewing my doll's clothing. (I still pick up patterns occasionally planning to make the clothing for sale at Christmas time)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get my Barbie until I was almost out of the doll stage. But when I was in high school, my girlfriend and I got the Barbies out and started making clothes for them. We probably didn't tell our friends what we were doing! LOL

My oldest daughter took Barbie to school one day and I never saw Barbie again. Sad, but I survived!

Thanks for bringing up old memories.