Friday, December 26, 2008

Claiming Mine in 2009

Claiming Mine in 2009
I am thinking to get a pre-2009 start on my goals for 2009. I usually move kind of slowly into the New Year. And that may be part of the problem. LOL I dilly dally a bit more than I need to and then I wonder where the time went! Or I focus on only one part of my life and let the rest kind of dwindle as far as goals you do that too?

This year I hope to make a bit more headway on my personal goals, hobbies, and LIFE in general. I do have several goals for the year and while I don't believe in making huge resolutions, I do believe in having GOALS and breaking them down into more managable bits and then making them come true by implimenting some sort of step by step progress daily.

I will start off this week with an urgent--but small-- list of what needs to be done before the New year even hits.

1. Take the garbage OUT
This includes not only the literal holiday trash like used wrapping paper and old foods, but other items too. I noticed some dishware and silverware over the holiday that has seem it's last usefullness and some of my older holiday clothing can GO too. If you have come across anything in the last two weeks that 'just didn't measure up' let it go NOW! Don't put it away to go through the same cycle next holiday season.

2. Keep a list.
We know, Santa usually makes his list long before the holiday but my kind of 2009 uber-list is being made NOW! I love small notebooks. It's part of my ongoing love affair with paper. It started in junior high school. Office supplies just call to me. LOL I have quite a few. I decoupage them. I decorate them. I give them away. I write in them too. I have one for ideas, one for sketches, one for goals, one for my calendar, one for to do lists, and several blank ones just waiting for whoever and whatever! I may need ONE overall notebook system. it will take some thinking=cap time but I will get on that this week.... It is time to analyse what will work and still be portable.

3. Blog about it. :)
I hope to blog more of my goals and encourage all of you to do the same. Oddly, I get a heck of a lot more done when I also chat about it with my friends!


MOM said...

Love the new look of your blog! And I, too, have an ongoing love affair with little notebooks. I'll be watching very carefully as you blog about your goals.
Happy New Year!

Auntie Em said...

Oh my, blog about my goals? I might actually be held accountable for them? Hmm, have to work up the nerve but good idea.

I have a lot of notebooks also, can't wait to see how you come up with "one".