Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Countdown: Week 6 Dec. 14-21

Bake up a Storm!!
Or maybe just make a classic of two for your family. Pick a few favorites and bake ahead! Freese unforsted cookies and just add the crowning touches the day you serve them! No one will know the difference. If you can make your yummiest breakfast dish ahead and freeze that ahead, do it! Prepare some favorite meals and other baked goods for the hectic days ahead. Save yourself trouble and work ahead whenever possible. However, don't be so super efficient that you leave the family out of the loop. Involve children in memory making! They are worth the extra flour and sugar on the floor. :)

I love the classic sugar cookie for baking with my kids even now that they are in their college years! They do too. I think it is a great flashback moment for them at the holidays!

Party Time!

Complete last minute details and enjoy holiday parties, concerts,and family activities. Have all the gift-exchanging ladies lunches and play group holiday parties NOW before everyone gets bogged next week.

Here are some great ideas for Kids' parties

Need fast and east holiday decor? Try fresh flowers!

Here are some tips for easy table decor using plants and flowers

Take a Break!

Don't forget to relax with a good book and a cup of tea this week. Meditate on what your family means to you and say a little prayer of thanksgiving....They, and the Good Lord, are what it is all about.


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