Friday, January 02, 2009

Busy Day!

Hurray I am finished writing an 80 page hardbound book for my two children! That project has been in the slow cooker/process for almost a year. DONE! Writing and editing that puppy took a loooooong time! I finished it Dec 31st just in time for the New Year!

Busy day at home and work today...but a good one.
Cleaned out my purse. Yeh! Found a freebie movie ticket.
Made a layout with the January sketch as my Inspiration. Will post that pic on here tomorrow.
Packed 13 page kits for class.
Called 20 students.
Made a master list for a year long project and decorated the spiral notebook it resides in. :)
Went to the bank.
Returned a DVD movie.
Turned in some paperwork.
Went to the movies with my family to see Benj. Button. :)

I got my desk cleared off 2/3 of the way last night. I want to place both my Cricut and my Silhouette closer to my workdesk. But first I have to move a book stacker and about 15 photo frames! :) It's all a juggling act for space on my desktop. LOL I am keeping one pic of each of my kids and one of hubby on there but otherwise it's gotta be functional or OFF the desktop it goes. (Don't worry the other framed photos are headed for another area of enjoyable viewing. )

Now planning the rest of my week commences tomorrow with an update to my calendar software program and a planner evaluation on my part. I am trying not to get ahead of myself but I also am chomping at the bit to clean my studio big time and donate a pile of older supplies OUT of there. Mentally, I would love a cleaner slate in the studio workspace. Thank goodness I made as many gifts as I did for the holidays myself with my stash. I used up a lot of 3-d and decor items, albums, and paper! More on that tomorrow. (pics!) :)

Keep on your goals gals!! I am right in there with ya!

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Amanda said...

Just curious...what is your master list of projects? Do tell...if you don't mind...sounds interesting!