Thursday, January 01, 2009


Win this and MORE!

Are you a MESSY right now? No longer! Get going in 2009 ...

The Messy to Clean room Challenge is just for YOU! I am personally going to lead this one January 1-15th!

Take your workspace from a messy room to a clean room! Challenge runs anytime during the first two weeks of January 1st thru 15th.

1. Take 1 to 3 pics (no more) right now of your MESSY scrapbooking workspace

2. Clean it up! **Don't forget to share or DONATE things you no longer need!

3.Take 3 photos (not more) of your space all CLEAN!

4. Send the photos to me privately at on or before midnight January 15th.

5. Enjoy your space and see who wins!
One participant will be chosen as winner by me as making the most progress! Winner chosen on Sunday January18th!

The prize is a combination of member donation and my own stash! You will win a value over $75 of scrapbooking, papercraft, and stamping items!

The first part is a fantastic Close to My Heart prize pack of ABC acrylic stamps in both aprox. 3/4 inch and 2 inch sizes as well as 2 6x6 albums and more! Donated by one of our members Bren Yule. (Yeah BREN and thank you!) This part of the prize alone is worth more than $50!!

and as a BONUS~~ I will also be adding to this prize myself with an assortment of scrapbooking supplies too! I am cleaning out my own workspace this week too

and will be piling on the goodies as I come across them to share with our eventual MESSY TO CLEAN ROOM contest winner.

Let's get cleaning!

**Don't forget to make a DONATION bag or box and SHARE with others the stuff you no longer like or need! (We can always use items for our prize giveaways! :)



Christina said...

This is an awesome prize , sadly for me my room is clean as it serves as a guest bedroom!

Karen said...

Mine is a work in progress. Since I no longer have a room (we moved a couple months ago), I have just set up shop in the unfinished basement. I have been organizing and unpacking for the past month or so. It looks as nice as an unfinished basement space can look, but not nearly everything is out!

Suzanne said...

who are these people with a neat room?!!? I'll take some pix today and send them along. To inspire me (in addition to your fun prizes!) I just called a LSS and signed up for a spot in their next "yard" sale, so I can get rid of a bunch of unloved, unused supplies and make room both for the new goodies I'll win :) and, most of all, so I'll actually have room in which to create!! thanks for the push, Rock!!

HollerinRat said...

I'm joining in! I really need this. My home was renovated 19 months ago but I've never unpacked all my supplies. I've kept buying though and it's all just piling up.

Auntie Em said...

My pics on in your mail! I had already accomplished a major renovation (see blog) but lately it had gotten a bit messy so thanks for the push, now my computer desk is the cleanest it has been in months!